The 4 of us gained some stalkers – 23rd July 1999

Friday 23rd We went to Mechelen and got a tour which was pretty boring and then we did a concert on some crappy little bandstand.


After feeding our lunch to the pigeons (which didn’t eat it either) we all piled on the coach and discovered Cat had fallen asleep on a chair. We were going to pretend we were driving off but unfortunately she woke up.


The afternoon consisted of swimming at Oceade. I didn’t swim coz I was worried that I would come on my period as I had a slight stomach ache but instead I told everyone I had an ear infection. That was believable coz it’s true that it could have come back if my ears came into contact with water and the day before on the water rides, it did.

My sister, Evie Evans and Hafsa B also didn’t swim. As long as we took our shoes and socks off we were allowed to walk round the edge of the pools so it was still quite good. I yelled at Mr P-R coz he splashed me with water badly and I was quite pleased with myself coz he shut up and said sorry!

The 4 of us gained some stalkers. They were dodgy looking so Mrs P got Patrick Campbell, Joe Anson and Dougie to come and pretend to be our boyfriends. It worked! It was so sweet of them to come and protect us like that coz they stayed with us until the creeps went.

We went to Brussels in the evening and most of us took the opportunity to stock up on alcohol. When we got back to the hostel, we drank it all so most people got upset about something. I have to say I was quite pleased when Gethin told me I was fine-looking!

Everyone got more upset than normal, I think because of the combination between tiredness, alcohol and hunger. This is what people were upset about:

Heidi – Found out Anthony Wiley fancies her but she’s with Davis but she liked both of them and didn’t want to hurt either of them. Anthony got hurt so that upset Heidi.

Keira – Really fancies Dougie but he’s giving her mixed signals so she’s confused. She also found out that he went with [snogged] an Essex slag.

Anthony – Fancies Heidi but Heidi chose Davis.

Emma – Davis going out with Heidi. Mrs P was also outside our room talking about us all but mostly Emma, saying things like, “Emma and Tess are the worst.”

Me – What Mrs P and Mr P-R were saying outside our room. Also everyone else being upset upset me too!

Charlie Wilson – Really fancies Emma but she’s madly in love with Davis so he had no chance.

Gethin Turner – Everyone hinting at him being gay.

Davis – Anthony fancying Heidi.

I think that’s it. Basically, it was a particularly miserable night!


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