I wasn’t complaining!! – 17th July 1999

Saturday 17th I had to play in Swing Band again today coz it was the Carnival in the Quad thing at school. It was okay but very windy so out music stands and sheets kept blowing about.

Finn out of Hollyoaks, or James Redman, opened it for us. He’s very nice and Emma and I got him to sign the front of our music folder, the yellow ‘Belgium 99’ sheet. He just put summit like, “To Emma and Tess, Best Wishes, Love” and then he signed it and put “Finn” in brackets at the end. Apparently he came coz he’s mates with a Food Tech teacher’s (Miss D) brother.


I hung about for a bit after we’d finished playing with Emma, Freda, Rochelle and Zoe. We just sat about and talked mostly coz there wasn’t actually a lot going on. Emma was being normal with me again, quite nice in fact, and her mum gave me a lift home afterwards which hasn’t happened for a while. She as saying stuff like it’ll probably just be me, her and Keira Osborne in Belgium coz Cat’ll go off with the older ones. At least she seems to want to hang round with me there but probably only coz there’s not really anyone else.

Mind you, Ed, Davies, Suzanna etc. all went to Chester today but she didn’t go. She also seems to still be able to tell me certain things and trusts that I won’t say anything to anyone coz she was saying how Rachael Hollins was staying at her house tonight (coz Rachael’s parents are going away) and she told me how she didn’t really want her to and said how pathetic and immature she is. At least she knows Rachael’s like that!!

I went back to the carnival later this evening to see what was happening. Nothing much was so Hayley and I ended up back at the Sports Club. There was a wedding on and Ste Rollinson was there. He came over and said, “I think I’ll come over here and talk to you two lovely ladies.” [Smooth.] I wasn’t complaining!! He was a bit drunk I think coz we couldn’t always tell what he was saying.

Hayley went very quiet (I think she was in shock coz she fancies him!) so I ended up doing most of the talking. We were talking about jobs and he said he’d had about 5 since he left school (he’s only 17) including joining a printing business. He asked where we lived and what we were doing for the Millennium. He said he’d probably go into Manchester coz there’s a massive street party or summit.

Then we talked about GCSEs and he said he was still only 15 when he left school coz his birthday’s quite late on in the school year. He said he passed all his exams with one B, four Cs, two Ds and an E, I think. He also advised us to stay on at college and not go out and get a job straight away like he did.

Then he asked us what we wanted to do so I told him physiotherapy. He seemed to like that idea, as did Ewan when I told him on the park at Zoe’s party. Funnily enough they both mentioned nice, young footballers’ leg injuries. I don’t know why?! Hee hee hee!!! He was also asking if we enjoyed the prom.

It was quite a long conversation actually. I think Hayley’s probably still recovering now!


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