Almost the spit of ‘Where’s Wally?’ – 7th & 8th July 1999

Wednesday 7th I’ve not exactly had the best of days today. I went to the Trafford Centre with Hayley coz I need a swimming cossie and a new pair of trousers to go to Zoe’s party in coz the zip got jammed on the ones I would’ve worn and Mum had to cut me out! I got the cossie and Zoe’s present but no trousers. I dunno what I’m going to where now! That party’s destined to not be a very good one, basically coz no lads seem to be going.

Anyway, back to my bad day. Hayley and I kept giving each other static shocks that really hurt whenever we brushed past each other, I kept tripping over around nice lads and I had lettuce out of my Big Mac all over me when this lad on the next table kept looking at me.

On the way there we read the bus timetable wrong so we waited an hour for a bus and on the way back we missed one by about 2 mins. The next was due in an hour’s time so after about 40 minutes I got bored, told Hayley to stay where she was and went back in HMV to get that Savage Garden ‘The Animal Song’ CD.

HMV was further away than I thought and had quite a long queue in it. I then couldn’t find the escalators down to the bus stations so I had to run through Debenhams only to round the corner to see Hayley waving at me to hurry up. I legged it and she got on a bus but I didn’t see which one so I ran straight past it. The driver beeped the horn so I realised.

Then I couldn’t remember where I was going so everyone on the bus (which was full by the way) was laughing at me! I then discovered I had no change and had to give him a £5 note. I dropped all the change he gave me making the bus erupt in laughter again. It was pretty embarrassing. Then, just to top it off, I had 2 old women sat behind me, whinging that they were probably going to miss their connecting bus coz of the delay (my fault!). I suppose it was lucky I caught the bus in the first place and we did get back earlier than expected.

I phoned Cat Elliot before about orchestra rehearsals tomorrow and she was telling me about Freda’s trip to the cinema with Trevor. Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but this is the lad who is almost the spit of ‘Where’s Wally?’ Cat told me that Freda said it went quite well, the reason being that nothing happened between them. Apparently Rochelle Jenkins went too so Freda ignored Trevor. Can’t blame her really!


Thursday 8th It was the Summer Prom concert at school tonight so I had to go in to school today for rehearsals. Emma came and brought Suzanna with her. I’ve not seen Suzanna for a while. She’s alright really. They were telling me about London and how it was only “okay” coz they had to see all the sights like Buckingham Palace for Drew.

They said he was a bit weird but alright and he fancies Keira Osborne and she likes him but he’s got a girlfriend back home. The 3 of us then sat in the Drama Studio and laughed at Davis’s singing.

The concert itself tonight seemed to go well but it was a bit on the boring side coz it’s all choir and orchestra and stuff. I’ve got to do it all again tomorrow night too. It gets so hot I the Drama Studio too but we have to sit and watch everyone.


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