He looked better in the Drama Studio where it was dark – 4th & 6th July 1999

Sunday 4th The boredom’s beginning to set in again. I told myself that I’d make the most of this time I’ve got off whilst I’ve not got any schoolwork and stuff but I can’t find anything to do. I’ve spent a lot of today staring at the TV and even that’s getting a bit tedious coz everything on seems to be a repeat.

I did go to see Hayley this afternoon. I’d like to be able to fill you in on the highlights but there weren’t any. We saw Davis who had to wave at me twice before I recognised him coz he was in a different car and Hayley got to see his mate Drew who was sat in the back.

Pete Sampras won at Wimbledon again today. He’s unbelievable. So are his eyebrows.

Just watched ‘Trainspotting’ on TV. Never seen it before so I could never join in on conversations about it. I bet nobody’ll ever talk about it again now!

I’ve still not heard from Adam but my cousin Rhian phoned before and mentioned that she’d seen him online last night. She was telling me about all the strange goings-on in Wick over the last few weeks, although her versions are likely to be slightly exaggerated!

Basically, there’ve been 2 smallish tornados, some big cat has been seen at Watten or somewhere round there (big cat as in panther, leopard, tiger etc. but I dunno what kind) and there has been a 15ft great white shark in Scrabster Harbour which is actually Thurso but near enough.

And what’s been happening here that I could have told her about? Hmmm… er… well, nothing! I live here between Manchester and Liverpool and she lives way up there in the very north of Scotland in the isolated town of Wick which is 2 hours about from the nearest Marks + Spencer and I have nothing interesting to tell her!!


Tuesday 6th It’s the Year 6 induction days at school so we had to do a concert for them with Swing Band. It went alright and I got to catch up from Emma on any gossip.

Davis is now going out with Heidi Warner and Emma’s not too pleased, even though she told him to do it. She’s going to London for a day tomorrow with Davis, Ed, Gavin Bilson, Suzanna and Drew. I think. It’s for Drew’s benefit. Ed was being bullied by Ollie at Pallav’s party after the prom coz he was putting cream on him and stuff or summit. I don’t think anything too interesting’s been happening really.

I saw Drew again after school. He looked better in the Drama Studio where it was dark.

I’ve still not heard from Adam. I spoke to Barney briefly last night but he didn’t mention him. I mailed Adam again too. No reply. Where is he? 😦


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