They wolf-whistled at us – 3rd July 1999

Saturday 3rd I saw John Baker get off the bus again today at about 4:45pm. He didn’t see me.

I went to Hayley’s this evening coz her mum and dad are out. We went for a wander again. As usual, we ended up on Welford Road in search of Riley but instead we got Chris Lewis and Leyton Davidson, complete with wolf-whistles.

We wandered back onto the main road and I spotted a small, turquoise moped buzzing towards us. I instantly recognised it as being Freddie Bevan so Hayley got all excited and went very red, especially as he turned round and came back to talk to us. He’s got a new job at the Trafford Centre in a café which name I can’t remember. I think it begins with ‘A’ though.

Freddie went and we continued wandering. We passed Chris and Leyton on the park but I dunno where they were going. We eventually ended up at the Sports Club, as usual. It was ok though coz Oscar and Aled were there. Oscar asked me if I wanted to go in the snooker room with them when Hayley was getting a drink. I said I would when she got back but Hayley, being Hayley, flatly refused. I think she’s scared of boys too, as well as everything else!

They came and sat with us in the end. Aled really makes me laugh. He takes the piss out of everyone and he’s just really funny. He told us that Oscar’s been smiling all weekend since the prom. I wonder why?!

Aled was telling me and Hayley on the coach back from the prom that he might tell Oscar he’d been talking to Lizzie and that she’d told him Oscar hadn’t been kissing right!! He mustn’t have said it. I’m glad!

They left just before we did and Ste Rollinson and Charles Kincade were in the TV room. They were in the year above us at school and are both pretty fit and as we were leaving they wolf-whistled at us too!

I wonder how Adam is. I’m not sure if he’s out if hospital yet or not. I hope he’s okay. I’ve been thinking about him at various intervals over the last couple of days. I’ve not heard from him for a bit.

Zoe Carrera’s having a party on the 10th. She phoned me last night to confirm it. It’s her birthday so I’ll have to get her something. I hope it’s a good party. I need a good one to happen!


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