Ferny raised his eyebrows at me in an appreciative way – 1st July 1999

[Helloooo! Sorry for the lack of diary action over the last couple of weeks. I’m now back from my holidizzles, complete with a venomous Mozambican spider bite. Whilst I wait for the resulting superpowers to make themselves known, I’ll get back to 1999 where I’ve just had my prom…]

Thursday 1st Had the prom now. It was pretty crap really. The teachers have been making a big deal out of it for a while now and it was a bit of a let down actually. Everyone looked really good though. Especially Ferny. He looked sort of James Bond-style with his black suit and bow tie. Very nice though!

I decided my dress was okay after all. It kind of looked like that →


with flowers and it was light blue.


[This is me in the dress. It went ever so well with my red and navy Kangol rucksack. NOT!]

The food there was minging so I ate the bread. The starter was prawn cocktail which was okay but the main course was weird. It was chicken which looked okay until I turned it over. I think it had an artery or summit still attached! The chicken was covered in crisps and there was a very dodgy looking sausage wrapped in bacon. I think the veg was genetically modified so I didn’t eat it. Good excuse!

The pudding was meant to be raspberry cheesecake but all it was was a biscuit covered with squirty cream, very sour raspberries and a tiny chocolate leaf thing. We did get birthday cake too coz it was Jim Brackenhurst’s and Marie Irvine’s birthdays today.

After the food, Mr M embarrassed a few people then Ewan Swann, Adrian Ford, Gethin Turner, Gemma Crowther and Amina D’s did some speeches about how wonderful we all were and how great the teachers have been blah, blah, blah. Cringe!!!

Then we just got to dance. Lizzie and Oscar snogged finally. About time too! Freda went with a complete geek called Trevor which we’re never going to let her forget! Ha ha ha!!! ← evil laughter!

I talked to Aled Brownlee most of the way back and he was being quite nice again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, Ferny raised his eyebrows at me in an appreciative way!

Anyway, I’m going now coz it’s already about 1:00am and it’ll take me half an hour or so to get my hair back to normal.


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