Little freak! – 29th June 1999

Tuesday 29th I had to go to orchestra rehearsals this afternoon coz Mr P made sure I knew about it. On my way there, Ewan Swann passed me on his bike. He said hi which surprised me a bit.

After orchestra I decided to sit on the tennis courts with Emma. Davis Nolan and his mate Drew from the US (he’s staying for 3 weeks), Kirsty (Davis’s younger but larger sister!), Patrick Campbell and Ed were there too. Drew seemed okay. He was pretty quiet and looked like a cross between Neil Kennedy and Brian Short which isn’t particularly good!

Davis was being pretty nice to me. We never used to get on until recently. I don’t talk to him much but we can control the insults! He’s alright really, I suppose. He started tickling me at one point and I couldn’t stop him coz he’s too strong! Thumping him has no effect except it causes pain in your fists!

I went to the Sports Club with Hayley this evening. Stuart Hobbs, Brian Short and Sam Allsop a.k.a The Brownies (they’re all Venture Scouts or summit and meet with a few others. They’re all a bit sad and girly so ‘Brownies’ is more appropriate!) were there too.

Stuart told me he’s been talking to Paul Nutt and apparently he still fancies me. He told me he’d gone off me for a month or so ‘til now. Before he was apparently insulting me, saying stuff like he doesn’t know why I won’t go out with him coz I can’t afford to be picky seeing as I don’t get a chance with other lads or summit. Little freak!

Stuart also told me that Ken Dronfield was more likely to be lying about that dodgy e-mail than Paul. That’s interesting actually. I wonder who is being truthful.

Stuart also told me that Gethin Turner and Henry Rockwell like me. I think, I hope, he’s making it up!

I read a mail from Adam before. He said he’s been thinking about what we said about him coming here and he might. Only he says he’ll probably come on his own because it might not be as much fun at the cinema with other people hanging around. I don’t want to be on my own with him. It could be awkward or he could be a creep. I’ll try and persuade him to bring a mate.

I’m having doubts about my prom dress for Thursday. I like it but it’s from New Look so someone else is bound to have it. My mum’s added flowers to it but it’s still not obviously different. Too late now though.


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