EXAMS ARE OVER!!! – 27th & 28th June 1999

Sunday 27th I’ve not really done a lot today coz something’s gone wrong with my neck! Mum says I must have pulled a muscle or something because I can’t tip my head back or turn it to the left without a certain amount of pain!

I went online tonight. I’ve not been on properly for a few days and I thought it was about time I mailed Adam. I’d just started typing it out when I got that woman saying “you have company” or whatever. I expected it to be Barney actually but when I checked it was Adam.

I thought maybe I should ignore him like Hayley suggested but then I decided it wouldn’t be fair seeing as it probably wasn’t actually his fault about Alton Towers. So I said, “Hi”. I got “hey” back so I asked a question but he didn’t answer me for ages so I thought he might be in a mood with me instead for not mailing him or summit.

I was so relieved when he spoke again. I’ve printed out the conversation again coz we got onto the subject of meeting up again and he seemed to quite like the idea of coming here. I couldn’t be bothered writing it all so it’s on there. ↓

[It’s 3 pages and mostly boring but here’s a sample…]



Monday 28th


Yeah! I had my last one this afternoon. It was an hour long Business Studies paper and seemed okay. I also got all my text books handed in so I can get my results in August.

I saw John Baker walked past my house towards his on the other side of the road at about 8:10pm. He’s so nice looking! He was walking his golden labrador type dog and had a bright red fleecy thing on. I’ll have to watch out for him in the future!


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