She looked like a tart – 25th June 1999

Friday 25th I couldn’t face yet another day of being bored out of my mind so I went to the primary school to give Mum a hand with her class this afternoon. They’re all really sweet that Class 1 and Samantha O was around me most of the time. There were also 2 rugby players that came in to do stuff with the juniors, one of which was very nice indeed! They were looking at me when I was watching the children outside too!

This evening, Abby went to Bowlers again (this time she says she didn’t snog anyone coz apparently she went with [snogged] 2 lads last time) and I just went to the next village with Hayley. We wandered round and saw the gorgeous Riley and his mate Chris but then went in so we went to the Sports Club for a while.

Those 2 little lads, Jonathan and Tom, were there and were sitting on our knees and stuff. Then Oscar Price came in, watched the TV for a bit then came and sat with us. I was talking to him mostly about Alton Towers coz he went recently too. He’s lovely. I don’t fancy him, he’s just a nice sort of lad. Apparently he told Freda that he and Lizzie aren’t going out. I just sort of assumed they were but obviously I was wrong!

I’ve got bad news for Hayley about Freddie Bevan. I dunno if I’ll tell her actually but I saw him at about 11:30 tonight walking with his arm round Emma’s waist. She looked like a tart and he had his blue shirt on so they must have been somewhere together. Suzanna (Emma’s slapper friend) was a way behind them, walking alongside Freddie’s mate Jez Greenhalgh. Oh well.


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