That’s right, turd-boy – 24th June 1999

Thursday 24th Well, as my friends arrived one by one around 9:00 this morning, I had to tell them individually that we’d been stood up. I think Sarah L and Hayley were most bothered coz Sarah’s getting desperate and Hayley’s been helping me plan it all. She’s spoken to Adam and seen photos and read letters and stuff so she’s had the build-up and then the let down as well, although maybe she wasn’t quite as pissed off as me!

I printed out the email so I could just show them what he said without giving all the details.


I read it properly again myself and he seems to have explained himself pretty well. I can’t decide if I believe it yet though.

Anyway, we had a pretty good day anyway. We didn’t go on all the rides coz either we ran out of time or someone flatly refused to go on them. We started with the Runaway Train then the River Rapids thing then the teacups. Then we bought McDonald’s except Cat who brought her own lunch.

After lunch we went on Nemesis except Sarah L and Hayley who went to Ugland. We met up and went back to Ugland and went on the swing things then The Corkscrew then the Dinodancers twice while Cat sulked. We then went back on the rapids thing and then we went home.

Cat was sulking coz in the queue for the swing things, some lad had been attempting to spit on his mate who was behind us in the queue but failed to aim it correctly, missed and hit Cat. It landed on her top and she didn’t notice at first. When she did we all started laughing but I was nearest to her so she thumped me on the back. We were all still laughing so she tried to lob the tissue she’d just used to mop the spit up onto me and Hayley.

She could’ve just laughed it off too like Lizzie did when it happened to her but, oh no, Cat had to make it into a big deal. She sulked for an hour or so before giving up as she realised we weren’t intending on giving her any sympathy!

The last time we went on the rapids thing, Hayley spotted some lads ahead of us in the queue looking at us. We kept seeing them after that, waved a bit and exchanged a few glances but that was about it.

I was constantly being told by Hayley to stop whinging about Adam and to stop dancing in the cable cares. I didn’t actually know I was doing either until she pointed them out!


On the way home, I saw a bus. But this wasn’t just any bus, no, this bus had Cheadle on his which isn’t important. What is important is that the bus also had Stoke written on it. And we all should know by now who lives there. That’s right, turd-boy. Sorry, Adam. I really wanted him to come and I couldn’t help sighing heavily as I saw that bus go past!!

It didn’t seem that hard to get to Alton Towers actually. It took us about 1 hour 20 mins which wasn’t as long as I expected. I also saw that X39 bus or summit which was the one we’d have to get if we got the train coz it’s a daily service to Alton Towers I think.

I’m tired now and my sunburn’s hurting. I’ve never had it this badly before!


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