I have finally completed failing Science – 22nd & 23rd June 1999

Tuesday 22nd I had my Science module test this morning so now I have finally completed failing Science! Chemistry was solid, Physics was hard and Biology seemed okay.

One more day to go to Alton Towers now. Adam’s still not mailed me back but I’ve just spoken to Barney and he says he’ll phone him tomorrow and he’ll try and get him online at about 2:00pm. If I don’t speak to them then were meeting at 11:00am and one of them should have mailed me by then anyway although I’m not counting on it!!

I’ve got a weird feeling. I just don’t feel contented. I don’t think it’s the Alton Towers thing, I think it’s just coz I’m out of a normal routine and I feel guilty that my parents keep taxiing me around everywhere and are paying for trips and stuff. I dunno. Weird.

Speaking of weird, I was playing football in the garden with the dog and all of a sudden she just stopped and stared over at the back, way out of the garden. I just felt the urge to run so I did. Nothing happened, it just felt really strange, like something was watching.

You know how I said that ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ song reminded me of the last day, Ollie etc? Well, on the video there are two chocolate boys, one of which is short and seems to be wearing a hat. Well, it really reminds me of Ollie! Oh dear!


P.S. That disappointed feeling I said I had feels more like sadness now. I feel like I should be with my family, like I’m not seeing enough of them, like I need a hug from them all. What if I can sort of sense that something bad’s going to happen to one of us sometime soon? I don’t like it.

Wednesday 23rd I got greeted by an e-mail entitled “Bad news…” when I got online this evening. It was from Adam, telling me how he was really sorry but none of his mates could make it and he didn’t really want to come on his own with 5 girls. Liar! Barney was up for it coz I was speaking to him. Talk about leaving it until the last minute!

Then he came online, apologised, told me not to make him feel guilty (I was trying to!) and then left. Little bastard!! All this worrying I’ve been doing seems to have been for nothing. I’m so annoyed and extremely disappointed. I’m not going to be able to tell my friends until tomorrow morning either. I don’t think they’ll be too pleased.

I want to cry but I’m way too pissed off! I feel even more guilty about getting my dad to take us coz I don’t really want to go myself anymore. It’s not like there’ll be other lads either coz it’s a week day. I’m not sure how I’m going to react to Adam now, although it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to see him.

I saw little owl chicks today. We were walking Mollie and one was sat on a fence post and flew off and another was almost totally camouflaged on the soil in the field and just sat there watching us before running off. They were lovely!


5 thoughts on “I have finally completed failing Science – 22nd & 23rd June 1999

  1. I don’t understand how you were so casual about ‘failing’ gcse exams. Like- ‘oh yeah, failed maths, then we went to alton towers’. It didn’t work like that for me at all. Also, ‘solid’ has always meant ‘good’ for me.


    • I’d never thought that solid could be a good thing. Exams definitely weren’t good. They were rock hard. Solid.

      I never really got that wound up about exams. I didn’t want to fail but we had the back up of resits of we needed them!


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