“Your mates are dog-childs” – 19th & 20th June 1999

Saturday 19th It’s Dad’s birthday today. He didn’t want any presents coz he says we can have a meal in Scotland on holiday. He’s 53 now. We bought him some stuff anyway. 4 bottles of beer, socks and chocolate. He got a fruit cake thing too.

Mum told me that Arthur’s Mary from down the road at the shop has got breast cancer and she’s got to have a mastectomy or whatever it’s called. It’s awful. Why does everyone seem to get cancer? It’s so horrible!

While we’re on that subject, I found out that Grandma L had breast cancer too and had to have a mastectomy thing as well. She’s better now and I know she’d been ill and had a stroke under the anaesthetic and I think she’s still improving but I never knew it was breast cancer. It really upset me to hear that, even though she’s alright, coz I never knew. No-one ever told me exactly what was wrong with her. I don’t think it was deliberate coz Abby knew so I think they assumed I did too but I didn’t. I hope Mary gets over it as well.

I really can’t see this Alton Towers thing happening. I mean, I can see me and my mates going for the day but I can’t see us meeting up with Adam and co. It’s not because I think I’ll chicken out any more (although I still can’t be sure!), it’s more I think he won’t turn up.

You see, I talked to him briefly online this evening before he had to go to his 2nd party in 2 nights (his exams finished yesterday) and when I asked him if I was still going to see him next Thursday, I expected a “Yeah!” but instead he said “I think so” and then summit about his mates haven’t said they’d definitely come yet.

So then I asked him to let me know what was going on so he better had. He said he would but I’m not relying on him! It’ll be really disappointing if he decides he’s not coming not. Actually, he’ll probably bring his girlfriend or summit!


Sunday 20th It’s Father’s Day today. We, well Mum, bought Dad a couple of street maps. That’s all really!

I spoke to Adam again online earlier this evening and yet again he gave me the impression he wasn’t coming coz I asked if he was and he didn’t answer then went. I just chatted to Barney then though and he brought up the subject saying he was looking forward to Thursday but his girlfriend can’t come coz she’s still in school. He also suggested that I go on Wednesday night and I could stay at either his house or Adam’s. I don’t think that’ll be happening somehow! Maybe next time, like he also said. That’s if there’s going to be a next time!

Barney also pointed out that he hadn’t seen my photo but he said, “Ronan says that you are nice but your mates are dog-childs.” I have a feeling they’re going to be disappointed about me seeing as I only sent good photos of myself. I won’t be telling any of my mates what Ronan said coz it’s hardly flattering. Hayley’d be really upset I think.

I hope they’ve not said anything like that about me.

Oh yeah, I mailed Adam on his other address. Now the Towers thing seems to still be going ahead I’m back to shitting myself!!


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