This time next week I’ll be dead in a ditch – 17th June 1999

Thursday 17th I was doing a bit of Business Studies revision online and I came across this in the marketing section, I think. ↓


My mum says it might be a good omen but I’m not so sure!!

Just think, by this time next Thursday anything could’ve happened. I should have been to Alton Towers to meet Adam and his lot but summit might happen so I can’t go or maybe I’ll chicken out of meeting him.

Maybe I will go anyway but I still won’t see him coz something’s happened to him or he’s chickened out!

Maybe I will go and I will see him and we won’t get on and by this time next week I’ll be dead in a ditch somewhere or lying in hospital.

Maybe we’ll decide we never want to speak to each other again or maybe we won’t want to leave each other.

Whatever’s going to happen, it’s a scary thought not knowing. I really don’t know what to expect. There are so many things that could go on and I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see!


Friday 18th Oh well, so much for the good omen! That Business Studies paper was solid. I seriously think I’ve failed!

After the exam, Lizzie and Sarah both came back to my house again so they could get changed for going to LA Bowl. We got a bus and met Oscar Price, Aled B, Sean Fields, Dev W, Zack Bain, Julian O and Freda there. It’s a good job it was quiet coz I would have been so embarrassed if anyone I knew saw me with some of those people! Some are so sad! I know it’s snidey but it’s true!

I surprised myself yet again by actually doing quite well. My first two goes were both strikes!

After that, we hung around the arcades for a bit, went to KFC and then got the bus home. Lizzie, Sarah, me and Oscar stayed in his village for a bit then came back to my house. My parents didn’t seem too suspicious about the lad but I think my mum had seen Lizzie and him holding hands. (They still haven’t snogged yet!)


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