He wanted to cyber with me!! – 14th & 15th June 1999

Monday 14th I had my last Science exam (except for the modules) today. It was quite hard but I was expecting it to be. It didn’t help that I was knackered either due to lack of sleep last night coz I was thinking too much, mostly about Alton Towers. Cat told me this morning that her dad wouldn’t mind taking us either coz he likes it there. The only thing is that we might keep bumping into him which I wouldn’t mind coz it’s an excuse to keep any unwanted lads off me!

I phoned Adam this afternoon. He wasn’t anything like how he was online last night. As usual, he seemed nice enough although, as usual, he started slurring words so I couldn’t tell what he was saying. Some bloke then needed the phone and there was no-one in a Hayley’s house so we told him to phone there.

He did. We talked about boring stuff really. Exams, what parties we were going to after exams and stuff like that. Apparently he told Hayley that Ronan really liked her. We arranged to meet by that frog thing at the Towers but we’ve not sorted a time yet. He said about 10 of his mates are coming. That’s not good! We’re gonna be really outnumbered!

We said we’d talk online at 9:30 tonight. I went on but he wasn’t there though. Ronan came on. He asked who I’d been talking to then if I was talking to anyone now and then he went. I dunno what all that was about!


P.S. Adam also told me that he couldn’t sleep last night either and that he woke up 4 times. He didn’t say why though.

Tuesday 15th I never have to do a Maths exam again, well, not unless I fail and have to re-sit it!! The paper was harder than last time but still pretty simple.

After the exam I went to the bakery with Lizzie B, Sarah L and Freda and as we walked past Oscar’s house we could see him and his mates inside. They must have seen us coz minutes later they were walking behind us!

Lizzie and I went in the newsagent’s and they came in then we went in the bakery and so did they. I then went to Mum’s primary school and, much to my surprise (coz I thought they’d follow Lizzie), so did they! I think they were going to Aled’s house coz he lives up there somewhere.

Also on my way to the primary school I got another unexpected but nice surprise. I was just walking past the Italian and I looked up to see Ewan Swann sat on the pavement under the bus stop sign. I thought he was going to ignore me but instead he smiled and waved! That’s not really good actually coz I kind of like him again and I don’t want to really coz I don’t think he likes me back, he just likes to have someone liking him.

I went online again tonight. Adam was on again and so was Ronan. I didn’t get the usual ‘hiya’ or ‘hi’ greeting from Ronan tonight, instead I got “Hey baby!” I’m not quite sure what to make of that! Then later on I asked what he was doing and he said he was having cybersex with the same person as Adam. I didn’t react coz I thought it might just be to try and make me jealous.

Then later he wanted to cyber with me!! As usual, I squirmed my way out of giving an answer by gradually changing the subject! I thought maybe Adam had told him to say that so he could see how I would react so it’s a good job I didn’t say yes. It might not have been but Ronan’s not normally like that with me!


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