Mega-sidies and a goaty. Yuk, yuk, yuk!!! – 13th June 1999

Sunday 13th Mum took me to Manchester today to try and find some shoes for the prom. I got some silvery-grey strappy ones from Dolcis and they look okay with the dress. I got a few bits of jewellery as well.

I’m worried about going to Alton Towers now after talking to Adam this evening. He started off telling me about his bath again and asked me if I wanted the intimate details. I said yes but expected him to avoid telling me like last time. Instead he told me that he started just playing around with certain parts of his anatomy and when it was hard he started “pumping it properly” or summit. [EWWWW!! I’m willing Teen Tess to turn the computer off immediately and never speak to him again!]

I wanted to get out of the conversation so I told him that Hayley and Olivia were here and I pretended I was Cat and that I’d (Tess) gone with Hayley to get food. As Cat, I started asking what exactly he had planned for the Towers and he said summit about the exchange of bodily fluids!! Not if I have anything to do with it! I hope he was just messing about.

As Cat still, I told him how I (Tess) was a bit worried about going anyway (even more so now!) and he’d better be careful he didn’t scare me off. When I came back as myself he started asking me if I was up for it and stuff. I didn’t know what to say really but luckily he changed the subject. I’ve arranged to phone him tomorrow afternoon. I hope he doesn’t ask me any awkward questions then!

Ronan also came on (Adam told me his dad died yesterday but I’m not allowed to mention it. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.) and I think Adam had told him to reassure me or summit coz he kept saying how popular Adam was and how he was turning girls down all the time and that he really liked me and I shouldn’t worry. [I wonder if Ronan was actually Adam.]

Then he really put me off Adam whe he told me he had mega-sidies and a goaty. Yuk, yuk, yuk!!! I really don’t want to go now!


↑ This was the poster for my Art exhibition. It was all the GCSE work of all Year 11 Art students but a piece of my work got picked for the poster! Unfortunately it won’t affect my grade!



[This is my Year 11 artwork that was on the poster. It’s still on the wall at Mum and Dad’s house 17 years on.]

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