I love beats – 12th June 1999

Saturday 12th This afternoon I went to Warrington with Lizzie and Sarah because Oscar P asked Lizzie if she wanted to go with him and his mates so we met Oscar, Sean Fields and Aled there. Lizzie and Oscar didn’t actually get very far. They held hands but that was about it. It was really sweet though!!

Aled was being really nice and funny again. He must have matured a bit coz he used to be a complete prick! I think he’s determined to get himself twatted though coz in McDonald’s some barrel of a lad with loads of hard looking mates was on the table next to us and was imitating things we were saying so Aled said loudly to us, “Someone over there’s had one too many cheeseburgers!” Then he said, “Come on, let’s go before this monster ‘ere eats me!” At that point we had to leg it!!

This evening I went to the All Saints concert at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester with Freda, Lizzie, Sarah, Zoe and Karen. I stuck with Lizzie most of the time and talked about Oscar P with her.

It was quite a good concert once it got going. There was some woman with 3 dancers on to begin with, then Damage who were okay, then the All Saints came on. They were sound! I really like their music though which helps. My ears were really ringing coz we were near the stage and it was loud. The beats were shaking us! I love beats though which is probably why I like All Saints. It was just really good.

I saw some people from school too. There was Shauna Adams, Daisy Smith, Sally Reed and Jill Baines and Charlie Wilson and GaryWillis. I really enjoyed it actually.



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