Maybe it’s just not meant to be! – 7th-11th June 1999

Monday 7th I had an English paper again today. It was that non-fictional stuff with the argue/persuade/instruct parts on it. It seemed okay and I wrote loads.

I’ve got the day off tomorrow though. Adam said he’s got a Tech exam in the morning so I’ve got to think about him! I probably will anyway, seeing as I can’t get the idea of going to Alton Towers to see him out of my head.

Part of me’s really wary and part of me’s really excited. The others (Lizzie, Cat and Hayley) who are coming seem cool with going on the train. Hayley’s got plenty of time to back out yet and no doubt she will. I’ve not told the others yet that I’ve never actually seen these lads before in my life and I’m not sure I will. I might wait until they can’t back out, like when we’re on the train!

Mind you, Hayley’ll probably tell them coz she won’t want to come with me but she won’t want the others to come either. She’s scared of going but also scared of missing out! Me too!!


Wednesday 9th I had my first French listening exam this morning. It was okay, well, as okay as French can be but I don’t think I did brilliantly. It was only 40 mins though. Then this afternoon I had my Maths exam. I’m so glad I took the intermediate paper and not the higher like the teachers wanted me to do. It was pretty easy although I’ve still got another paper to go yet.

It turns out that getting to Alton Towers on the train is more complicated than it first seemed. I’d have to get the train from here then change at Piccadilly and go on to Stoke or Uttoxeter. Apparently there’s only 3 buses from Stoke and at weird times and none from Uttoxeter so I dunno what Adam had in mind.

My mum checked all this out for me and she says she’ll see if there are any coaches running there from here too. My Dad offered to take us in a minibus but, other than the Adam factor, I’d feel guilty for making him hang about all day.

Maybe it’s just not meant to be!


Thursday 10th I had my first Science exam this morning. It was alright. The hard bits were really hard but the rest seemed okay. I only got 51% on the mock so that didn’t make me feel much better! I’ve got another paper yet though.

This afternoon I had the Food Tech exam. That seemed okay to me too but everyone else said they thought it was solid. That means I’ve probably done something wrong!!


Friday 11th I had my last English exam this morning and it seemed alright but French this afternoon was horrible. That’s done with too though now… and failed!!

Oscar Price asked Lizzie if she wanted to go to town tomorrow with him and his mates so she is and Sarah L and I are going with her.

I’m also going to the All Saints concert with those two, Freda, Karen and Zoe I think. That should be good and it’s in the evening. Different from going to the Sports Club anyway!


3 thoughts on “Maybe it’s just not meant to be! – 7th-11th June 1999

    • Poor you! I’d never thought that all the exams happened everywhere at the same time. Presumably it was so we couldn’t cheat and speak to our mates in other schools! The other, scarier scenario is that you went to my school…


      • Haha no I went to school in Essex so don’t worry! Yeah they must have had all the same exams on the same days for that reason!


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