He was giving me the creeps – 6th June 1999

Sunday 6th I’ve just been talking to Adam online and we’ve finally got somewhere with the travel arrangements. I printed the whole conversation out so I can use the info he gave me if I need it. →

[There are 3 pages, most of which I won’t include because they’re mainly train times and my failed attempts at sending a photo of Lizzie for Adam’s mate Barney. I was much more comfortable with train timetables than the way Adam was trying to sway the conversation. I was having none of his attempted cybersex, thank you very much. However, I’m fairly sure you’d rather read the dodgy bits than what platform I needed to be at for the 09:48 train to Stoke on Trent…]


[…blah blah blah photo of Lizzie won’t send blah…]



[…blaaahh nice, boring, safe train and bus conversation blah…]


Okay, the truth now. I am shitting myself now that there’s a real possibility of me going to meet him!! The thing is that I know if I back out, I’ll spend ages wondering what would have happened whereas if I go, even if it’s awful, at least I won’t be left wondering.

To be honest, he was giving me the creeps a bit tonight. It was just what he was saying to start off with. I think, I hope, he was only messing about though!

The thing is that if I go there, it’s his territory. He knows where he is and I don’t and if I wanted to get away from him, I wouldn’t know where to go. He also knows now how to get here. I hope he doesn’t just turn up.

What if he’s not for real and he’s really some pervert who’s managed to trick me all along and his so-called ‘mates’ are in on it too. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme but it’s possible. I mean, it’s quite likely that he is for real and we might even get on. I s’pose there’s only really one way to find out!

I went wandering with Hayley again tonight. Chris Lewis, Riley and David L were out playing footy in the road so Hayley walked up there and made me go too.

Riley is so gorgeous!


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