My suspicions about him were right! – 5th June 1999

Saturday 5th I went with Swing Band to Haydock Racecourse today coz our sponsors, Holts Brewery, were doing summit there while the races were on so we had to play as people were arriving.

It was okay actually and there was this bloke with Mr P (the Music teacher) called Paul Hooper we thing (who supports Bolton) and he was about 20-odd and very nice looking I thought! He looked a bit like Ferny actually which is probably why. Mr P’s youngest bro’s alright too! Other than them, a lot of lads my age had been employed as litter pickers so that added to the atmosphere!

My dad won £40 and Cat’s dad won £220 which wasn’t bad!

Other than that, there was a bit of drama going on amongst some of our Swing Band members. Emma was talking quite openly about how she was now going out with Davis Nolan (this American lad who I’ve never really trusted and this just proves my suspicions about him were right!) and Keira Osborne was listening and looked a bit confused. She thought he was going out with a Year 9, Heidi Warner, and that he wasn’t going out with Emma anyway. Or that’s what he’d told Keira.

He’d told Emma that he was going out with her but he told her he’d told his parents he was going out with Heidi so she could go into his room without his parents being suspicious. So, Emma confronted Heidi first and the 2 of them went to Davis together. I don’t really know what he said but Heidi seemed to forgive him more easily that Emma who’s making him suffer a bit. Good for her!

I think Heidi was enjoying it actually and only forgave David knowing that Emma wouldn’t quite so easily so she could have him to herself for a while. He’s got off with it too lightly with her.

We were given these on the way in so we could go in a certain areas →


I went online tonight and Barney Greer was on and Ronan was at his house. We had a bit of a confusing conversation coz the timing of questioning and answering each other didn’t quite link up. They then went without warning and they were probably left with the impression (coz of the way the conversation went) that I wasn’t single and that when I go to Alton Towers I’ll be staying overnight somewhere. They left before I had chance to put them straight. Oh well, I’ll have to mail one of ‘em.


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