My stomach started somersaulting – 3rd & 4th June 1999

Thursday 3rd P. [Period]

I got my photos from the last day of school and stuff back this morning. They’re not too bad actually so I could send them to Adam and Ronan.

I saw Riley Howarth tonight. Hayley and I decided to go for a wander round her village and we saw Chris Lewis and David L (my age but at a different school) up their road so we went up and Riley walked out. My heart missed a beat or two and my stomach started somersaulting, partly coz he made me jump but mainly because he’s a babe!

I also saw Oscar Price at his house so I waved and he waved back. For future reference, his house is on Hodge Drive and is the 1st part of a semi-detached house on the right hand side of the road as you turn down from Hall Drive. That’s just in case Lizzie asks again!


Friday 4th I went with Mum and Abby to take Grandma S and Auntie G (who’s up here for a few days) to Hollingworth Lake for lunch. It was okay and gave me an excuse not to revise again coz I’ve hardly done any this holiday which isn’t good!

Afterwards, Mum drove us round to 20 Rectory Street where my Great Grandma S had lived and then to Sherbourne Road where Mum used to live. I think Auntie G’s bossing Grandma about and sorting out all her money and stuff which is good coz she forgets stuff too easily now.

Adam’s back from Lancaster now. I went online for a couple of minutes before tea and Ronan came on and Adam was at his house so they said “Phone us!” and gave me Ronan’s number which is 01889 ******. I didn’t want to so I told them to phone me instead but they wouldn’t either. Never mind.


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