They’ve bloody done it!!! – 25th-27th May 1999

Tuesday 25th I had my multiple choice Geography exam today. It was solid! You could hear the groans echo round the examination room as the people doing the higher paper opened it up to reveal the questions!

I went back to Ed’s with Emma, Cat Elliot and Davis Nolan after the exam coz we only had an hour or so before Swing Band started. Davis and I have never really got on before but recently he’s started being really nice to me and he kept tickling me and stuff and he even had his arm round me at one point today. He’s with Emma though sort of so it doesn’t worry me much, it’s just more weird than anything else but then he’s American so that can explain a lot!! Only joking!

He kept questioning me on Ollie, asking me if he was good and stuff. I squirmed my way out of answering the question though somehow! He was quite gentle with me (Ollie this is) but I’d probably have enjoyed it more if I’d actually fancied the lad!

Paul Nutt, this freak who fancies me, turned up at my house earlier with Abby’s mate Roxanna and went with them to walk Roxy’s dogs. He’d better not come back again.


Wednesday 26th They’ve done it!! They’ve bloody done it!!! Manchester Utd have won the treble! I just can’t believe it!

I was gutted when the 90th minute ticked by and they were still 1-0 down to Bayern Munich but then Sheringham equalised and Solskjaer scored the winner! I was totally convinced they’d lost it and I’d managed to make myself feel a bit better with the thought that at least they’d won the double but then they went and won the bleeding match!

The upsetting thing is that it was Peter Schmeichel’s last ever match for them. Also, they can’t get better!

Mum said she was about my age when Man Utd did it last time… weird hey?! I should be going to Manchester to see the bus with Freda and Lizzie tomorrow. Lizzie’s dad’s in Barcelona now and he said he’d get us programmes.

The P.E. paper seemed okay today. Mum was talking to the wife of a Geography teacher today and he’d said that the intermediate multiple choice Geography paper was hard. That makes me feel a bit better but I’ve got the other one tomorrow.


Thursday 27th It still hasn’t sunk in properly as to what Man U achieved last night. I still keep cheering every time those goals are replayed now! I’m so proud to be a follower of theirs and I went to Manchester again with Freda, Bronwen Groves and Lizzie B to see the bus with the players and all 3 of their trophies. There was a lot of standing about but we saw them and the atmosphere was brilliant, as usual. I was just glad to be a part of it.


Some people think the great Sir Matt Busby was watching over Utd last night coz it would have been his 90th birthday and the 2 goals came in the 90th minute. They could well be right!!

If there are any replays on TV of the celebrations in Manchester today, just look out for a big blue inflatable alien which we had with us and I should be around it with my white away shirt on.


We went down Golders Lane afterwards coz we had a bottle of champagne and there were police down there and they were peeling the number plate off this car to reveal another one. They told us to put our seatbelts on and to keep the alien inside the car instead of sticking it out of the sunroof!

The Geography exam was solid again today and even Mrs C said it was a very hard paper. Well, there goes my A! Never mind.


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