The news has even reached Newcastle!! – 24th May 1999

Monday 24th The English Lit exam which I had this morning didn’t seem too bad actually but I’ll decide once and for all how hard it was when I get my results back!

A few people were asking me if it was true about me and Ollie but only my mates. I told a couple of people, like Bella, but only because I thought they already knew. I did see Ollie himself a couple of times but I don’t think he wanted to see me any more than I wanted to see him!

Nothing happened with Lizzie and Oscar P as far as they told me coz he left quite soon after I did.

I’ve scanned the letter I’ve written to my internet mate Adam Cunliffe and I’ve stuck it over the page. I didn’t scan the first one I sent him coz I didn’t think about it but I wished I had coz I can’t remember what I wrote. That’s why I did this one.


Hi Adam,

How’s life treating you in Stoke-on-Trent? It’s not been too bad here at the moment actually, there’s quite a lot of stuff that’s been happening. It’s usually so boring round here with it being the centre of absolutely nothing and all but with it being the last week of school and stuff, it’s actually been quite lively for once!! There’s been people staggering about Warrington all weekend… my mates included! Well, you know about Friday’s party anyway and that was the only bit of gossip I’m sure you’d really be interested in. Believe me, I’m regretting it now after about 50 people were questioning me before the English exam this morning!

I’m going to Wembley next Monday!!! Can’t wait, even if it is only Bolton v Watford! My dad got us tickets yesterday so we’re going down to London on Sunday and we’ll stay overnight at my auntie’s house. Should be good, I’ve not been for a while.

You asked if I had ABBA Gold, remember? Well, I have got it actually! I dunno where it is but it’s around somewhere. It’s probably at the bottom of a drawer somewhere with all the other CDs that I hide whenever anyone comes round!

I’ve not got any photos that I can send you now either but everyone’s had their camera at school at some point over the last week or so and at that bloody party so I should have some more I can send to you soon. I’ve got loads of my friends too but the film’s not been developed yet so you’ll have to wait for those ones as well. Sorry! You’ve got the ones I scanned for you and they’ll do for now. Oh yeah, Lizzie Bond is still single. Just thought I’d let you know coz I think she’s coming with me.

I should be using this time I’ve got off school to do some serious revision, not writing to you. Buy hey, you’re worth it!! I’ve got Geography and P.E. to look forward to for the rest of this week and I can’t afford to fail them coz I want to take them for A Level. Everyone else seems to be going round panicking about these exams but I just can’t get wound up about them. I mean, I want to do well but it’s not [The printer chopped a line or two off so the sentence stops here.]

Right, I’d better go. I think the dog wants to be taken for a walk because she’s sitting here staring at me and she keeps following me every time I get up!

So, good luck with the rest of your exams, write back and I should be seeing you soon!

Loads of love
Tess xxx

I might go online in bit and see if he’s on. I can use that BBC Bitesize thing for revision while I’m at it.

Speaking of the internet, I was talking to this lad called GeordieChris last night and earlier today. He’s someone that Emma knows I’ve met him once and he seems ok. He lives in Newcastle and he used to come and visit his dad down here until he recently moved up there too. Anyway, apparently Emma’s been filling him in on the details of Friday night. So no the news has even reached Newcastle!!

That ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ song by Shanks and Bigfoot (I think), which I really like, keeps coming on the radio and stuff and it now reminds me of the last day of school and Ollie coz I was humming it to myself all day Friday. I’ll probably go off it now!


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