She couldn’t believe it about me and Ollie – 23rd May 1999

Sunday 23rd Our GCSE exams start properly tomorrow with English Literature. I’m really calm about it actually compared to some people, like Hayley who’s shitting herself.

Emma Thornley phoned me up before. I was really surprised coz we used to be best mates but then sort of drifted apart a bit. She was asking about the party really coz she left at about 9:30 so she missed the best bits. She said she couldn’t believe it about me and Ollie. I’m gonna be getting a lot of that tomorrow probably.

My dad’s got himself, me and Abby tickets for the Division 1 Play-Off Final between Bolton and Watford at Wembley next Monday. I can’t believe it! That’s so good. Even though I follow Man Utd, my dad supports Bolton so I can put up with them!


[Only a short one today. I’d typed up another entry but it’s disappeared and I’ve run out of time to re-write it. Sorry. By way of apology, here’s a photo I found of me at about 13, dressed like a spanner and doing some sort of catalogue pose. Who did I think I was?!]


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