I keep having flashbacks – 22nd May 1999

Saturday 22nd I keep thinking about that party last night. All day I’ve kept remembering what happened with me and Ollie and I can’t quite believe it. It doesn’t seem real, it feels more like I dreamt it or something. But I didn’t, did I?!

I was on the phone to Hayley earlier and she told me that she wasn’t sure Ollie even went with [snogged] Jade, and it wasn’t Jade Hancock it was a different Jade. She’s not sure about Lindsey either because all Lindsey came in and said was summit like, “I like a good grope!”

Hayley did say he upset Miranda though coz he tried to get his hand down her shorts I think. He didn’t know what he was doing or saying, I’m sure. [Hmm. Not an excuse.]

I also had a phone call off Sarah L coz she wanted to know what she’d missed seeing as she left pretty early. I filled her in on most things but Freda had already told her about me and Ollie. I feel so guilty now coz Sarah told me on Thursday that she liked him as well as Ed. I completely forgot! I feel really snidey now coz that happened to me at New Year when Zoe went with Ewan Swann.

I want to know how Lizzie Bond and Oscar Price got on after I’d left coz Aled and I were attempting a bit of matchmaking and it started to work. When I was leaving, Lizzie was leaning on him and they were holding hands but they were both being too shy to take it any further. I’d have phoned Lizzie today but I thought she’d probably be swimming. I’ll find out eventually!

I’m covered in bruises as well. I don’t know where they’ve come from! Probably from people falling on me and me walking into things. I’ve got a big lump on my shin and bruises on my knee and arm. My neck’s pretty stiff too but I think that’s from Hayley hugging me so hard at the buffet when I told her that James Douglas (Dougie) and his girlfriend Keira Osborne (in Year 10) have split up!

Hayley was also saying on the phone that she reckons Didier was jealous of Ollie coz when he 1st arrived he wouldn’t give me a hug (he’s quite shy) but after Ollie he would and he kept calling him things as well from what I remember (which isn’t a lot at this stage)!

I keep having flashbacks like when Ollie kept kissing me on the cheek beforehand, he grabbed my face with both hands and then pulled me in to kiss me, bashing me in the eye with his glasses in the process!

Also, I was trying to set Freddie Bevan (who was totally sober coz he was on his moped) up with Hayley (coz she asked me to) and he said she wasn’t his type and I was trying to get it out of him who the College 1 girl with black hair that he said he fancies is. He then started telling me about how William Fernley (who I used to fancy and still sort of do) was getting himself a bit of a reputation for drinking and having the occasional smoke. He never did anything like that before Xmas coz joining the RAF was so important to him.

I still can’t believe some of the stuff that happened! I’ve not done much today so I’ve been thinking and worrying a lot about yesterday and what’s gonna happen on Monday.

Man United beat NewcastleNewcastle 2-0 in the FA Cup final today. I’m so pleased!! They’ve got the double for the 3rd time and could make it the treble if they beat Bayern Munich on Wednesday. I hope they do! Didier was at Wembley today, luck sod, coz he’s a big Man Utd fan too.

Better go to bed now.


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