Tongues and all! – 21st May 1999

[If you read this post, I demand you tell me about your first snog in return!]


[I’d got a new, relatively boring diary. No Garfield, Boyzone stickers or dolphins this time.]

Friday 21st It was my last day at high school today. I’ve officially left and the exams begin on Monday.

It’s been quite a good day actually. We didn’t have to wear uniform to school but we had to wear smart stuff and everyone kept telling me how nice I looked. [You can judge for yourselves…]

Ollie Bramwell looked me up and down a few times and all. (Little did I know what was going to happen later!)

We had to go to our 1st two lessons but didn’t do much and then we had an assembly and our buffet. Most people were crying (including Mr P!) and were going round hugging each other. Songs like ‘Simply The Best’, ‘As’ and ‘I’ll Be There For You’ were played. I got a bit upset at the end but more coz I remembered what a crap time I’ve had this year.

Emma and Olivia wanted me and Hayley to go into Warrington with them for a drink but we decided not to. We went back to Hayley’s for a while and then met up with Poppy and went in The Beech Tree pub. We got bored in there so we went to the café above the supermarket for coffee and chocolate cake before going to pick Hayley’s nieces up.

This evening, I went to a party at Freda Fernandez’s house. People were coming and going all night. One person who did turn up was Ollie Bramwell. He kept telling me I had such a nice body and was asking me when I’d got it. He also told me I looked nice with my hair down. He was pissed.

He kept hugging me and kissed me on the cheek twice. Then we were stood by the front door and [LIVE UPDATE: I’m cringing too much at this and making an involuntary ‘mnaarruuugghh’ noise as I type.] he had his arms round me and he asked me to go with [snog] him. I said no but a couple of minutes later I was snogging the lad! Tongues and all! It was alright but I wouldn’t do it with him again coz I don’t really like him that much.

He then laid me down on the stairs and asked me to have sex with him! I said no, of course! I just went with [snogged] him again instead. Apparently he’d also been with [snogged] loads of other people at another party as well as Freda, Jade Hancock and Lindsey Bullman. Oh, and Miranda, a Year 8 who fancies him.

It wouldn’t have happened if I’d been sober probably but I wasn’t! It’ll be embarrassing on Monday!

Ed also tried to go with me but I told him it’d be too weird coz I’ve known him all my life and he agreed. Aled Brownlee and Didier Lomas were being very nice to me as well but nothing much happened.

I’m tired so I’m going to bed. I can’t quite believe some of the stuff that’s happened today!


7 thoughts on “Tongues and all! – 21st May 1999

  1. Love it!!
    In return, 1996. Aged 13. School field in the middle of a maths lesson (an experiement to count how many blades of grass on the field…not even joking!!). I was sat around with half my group (while the other half actually did the work!) and one of the boys casually said “I want to kiss someone” and the rest of them dared me. One of the other boys ran back to the classroom and by the time we got there everyone in the class knew AND applauded. Our teacher looked on like she was in on the joke when she clearly wasn’t! I felt very sick for the entire day/night/day after and pretty much any time I thought about it afterwards for a long time!! I also ended up being in total unrequited love with the same boy for another 4-5 years!!! Got total butterflies when I saw him at a wedding a few years ago, despite being there with my husband!! Haha!!


    • I’ve been hiding since I hit ‘publish’ but very pleased to come back to this 🙂 Witwooooo! Excellent first snog story! Thank you for sharing it with me and anyone else thar gets as far as the comments section. I love that you saw him again too and with extra added butterflies!

      I was so slow at snogging someone. Last day of school… Pretty lame.

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      • To share in your cringe burden, here’s my actual diary entry of this monumental occasion:
        Friday 7th June 1996
        Dear Diary
        I fullfulled one of my “things to do before I’m 14”.
        And guess what
        I GOT HOLD OF LUKE BOULTON! [You said “go with”, in Essex it was called “getting hold”. Ha!]
        Yuck! It felt disgusting
        But he didn’t seem too disappointed that it was my first go.
        Rob Web seemed very proud of me in the sense that it was my first go and that I wasn’t frigid.
        I didn’t seem to be but I was petrified!
        Eddie ran off and told the whole class and I’m sure nearly the whole school will know by Monday. I’m glad it happened on a Friday. What’s worse is that he’s still going out with Amy, although Erica said that she’s been going out with a 16 yr old behind his back

        So much drama…so many people…ahh memories!!!


      • Tee heeeee! That’s ace! Thank you for sending me that 🙂 I have to confess that it gained a bit of an audience on my dinner break this afternoon. I started laughing while reading it and had to explain what was wrong with me. Ended up reading your comment out to my workmates. Much giggling and reminiscing ensued!

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  2. I’ve missed reading these and I’ve been hopping around catching up with a few entries, finally! A snog!!!
    As requested, I give you 14 year-old me, in a cinema watching Naked Gun 33 1/3 and kissing Jason C while his friend took the opportunity to steal our popcorn. Nice guy, terrible kisser. He bought me a long-stemmed rose after that and I cut the stem right down because “romance”. I hear he’s very into guns now….


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