It was just as I feared… me and 11 lads! – 13th-16th May 1999

Thursday 13th YES! I’ve done it! I’m so relieved. I never have to do another French oral exam in my life! I got really nervous and I was stuttering and allsorts on my presentation but after Miss H said I’d done really well! I didn’t think so but I’ll believe her to make me feel better. Now all I’ve got to worry about is this P.E. thing tomorrow.

Davis Nolan’s being really nice to me. The other say he told me my hair looked really good when I had it all spiky and tied back and today he lent me his French dictionary and told me I’d be okay. I don’t understand!

Went to the Trafford Centre tonight with Mum and Abby. Bought a blue prom dress and stuff for the last day (next Friday!!!) and other things.


Friday 14th That P.E. moderation this afternoon was awful! Lizzie was worrying about it too so we wandered round panicking at lunch. I had to join in on rounders which was first, just to make up the numbers, and that but was okay coz I was with Lizzie, Rachael Hollins, Georgia Dena and Olivia for most of it and I feel much more confident with them around.

After that though, we went in and did basketball. It was just as I feared… me and 11 lads! It was so horrible! To make matters worse, I knew I was being moderated coz Mr P-K kept taking people out of groups and putting me in their place and giving me the best basketballs.

Well, when we got to the game itself, it was like I didn’t exist! Then when I did get a touch of the ball (which was only about twice) it went straight back to the other team. It was so unfair! There was me and about 4 great big lads defending, I had no chance! I was glad when that part was over. Very glad!

Athletics wasn’t too bad. I’d been put down to do 800m, shotput and long jump. I didn’t have to do 800m coz there wasn’t time and the other 2 were okay.

I’ve just been talking to Adam and Ronan on the net. Adam told me that Ronan was being moody. I asked why and he told me that Ronan’s dad’s got really bad cancer and he was probably having a bad day. That’s awful and Adam said I’ve not got to mention it. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.

Ronan was with some lad called Stu but I wasn’t allowed to tell Adam that Stu was there for some reason. I dunno why but I didn’t. Ronan said I looked nice on one of the photos he’d seen and I was just about to say thanks and ask him which one and the computer switched off. When I signed on again, Ronan was going. I’ll have to mail him coz he wants more photos of my mates anyway.

Adam went pretty quickly and all so I’ll mail him too I think.


Sunday 16th I’ve just been soaking up the celebratory atmosphere at Old Trafford woth Freda and Bronwen Groves because Man Utd have just won the Premiership! They beat Spurs 2-1 to win in. Brilliant! I’ve been hanging out of the car window with scarves and flags and stuff, shouting and cheering at other Man U fans. It’s great!

Freda’s dad bought us a bottle of champagne EACH and I think I drank a bit too much coz I’m spinning a bit. I’m off to bed now.


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