Je suis tres worried! – 9th & 11th May 1999

Sunday 9th Well, I’m still alive! I don’t think I’ve got pneumonia or hypothermia but I’ve got possible whiplash. My neck feel like it’s bruised along with the rest of my spine and my thighs from when I was still travelling upwards on the Grand National as the rest of the ride was going down. I’m in so much pain and I’m not getting much sympathy! [Diddums.]

I went to someone’s wedding do in the big hall at the Sports Club with Hayley. I wore my knee-length boots, blue skirt, blue vest top and black thing with a furry collar. It was pretty crap. There was 1 fit lad there and that was it. The rest were all in their 20s.

Had my hair cut at the hairdressers. First time ever coz my mum usually does it. I’m quite pleased with it. It’s just been layered a bit at the bottom. Not too different but not the same.


P.S. Adam sent me another photo. Normal one this time and he’s quite nice on it too! Got a look of Freddie Bevan about him. He told me I was gorgeous. Hmmm!


[Wow. Orange.]

Tuesday 11th Je suis tres worried! French oral on Thursday and I’m crap at French! I’ll fail it, no problem!!!

After that, on Friday morning, I’ve got my P.E. moderation. People from the other group got told who was being moderated on what. Apparently I’m doing basketball and athletics. I’m the only girl out of 12 doing basketball. Why?! It’s one of my worst. Does Miss P want me to fail?

Actually, she probably does, just to prove a point. I dunno what point exactly but there’ll be one! Also, the 3 athletics events have been chosen for me by her coz I was in an Art exam when everyone else picked theirs. She’ll have me running the 1500m, 800m and doing the shotput or summit. Oh well, something else to add to my dread list!

Just heard on the news, Arsenal lost a match. That’s brill news!

Got a photo of Adam’s mate Ronan today. He’s alright actually which is probably why Adam never got round to sending it to me. I’ll see if Hayley’s really ‘not interested’ tomorrow.

I was talking 2 Adam and some mate of his called Barney who told me he never shuts up about me and it’s all compliments. That’s good to hear! He’s posted my letter now.


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