Quite young, ginger and a bit of a gimp – 7th May 1999

Friday 7th Well, I’ve just survived one of the worst school trips I’ve ever been on (the worst, by far, was Llanberis*)! To start with, it’s been nice and warm and sunny for that last few weeks….. until today. The one night out of the week when we go to Blackpool, it starts chucking it down non-stop!

I felt sick on the coach nearly all the way there and people were shouting and throwing things which didn’t help. When we finally arrived, Mr M went to the ticket office to get the tickets but came back and told us it was shut. He made us sit on the coach for about 15 mins before telling us he was only joking.

Because Hayley won’t go on any decent rides, I got the 3 best ones out of the way 1st to prevent her moaning about having to stand on her own all night. I went on the Playstation first with Lena and Rachael Hollins. It was horrible! It was far worse than last time but still good. [Horribly good?] Then I went on the Irn Bru Revolution. That was okay. Sat next to Jade Hancock.

Then the Big One. Sat with Jade again. Last time I went on it was dark and I was at the front. This time it was light so I could see everything and I was at the back so I could see how far we’d come up. I nearly had my neck snapped at the bottom of the big drop and all the way round it felt like someone was throwing gravel at my face coz the rain was so heavy and I was hitting it bloody fast.

When I got off I met back up with Hayley and she pointed out some bloke who looked like Curly Watts out of Corrie who’d been trying to chat her up. To avoid him she dragged me to the other end of the park. Here she forced me to go on the Wild Mouse ride which is shite and really embarrassing. Of course, half our year walked past, didn’t they?!


[Curly Watts via Wikipedia]

We just wandered round going on the odd ride all night and ended up gaining Sarah Llewellyn who went on the Wild Mouse with Hayley loads while I stood and watched (I’d run out of tickets), drenched and freezing.

The bloke who was operating it was quite young, ginger and a bit of a gimp – just the type to fancy me. And he did. That U2 song ‘The Sweetest Thing’ started playing and he was singing it at me and asking if I was okay. Hayley asked him if he fancied me when he asked why I wasn’t going on. He did and his mate said he (the ginge) wanted my phone number. The ginger one said he’d go on with me and whistled as we were walking off.

Nutter went too. I hate him now. I was talking to Ken Dronfield who’s into that sort of music (but I don’t think he’s as weird) and he was telling me that it was Nutter that sent me that e-mail a while back. He said he was telling me coz he wasn’t friends with him anymore. Nutter apparently stopped speaking to Ken 3 weeks ago for no reason.

Ken also told me that Nutter’s always lying through his teeth. So, either Ken’s lying now (which I doubt) or Nutter really is the complete freak I originally thought he was. I told Emma about it and she confronted Nutter but he still denied it. Little bastard! I now hate him more than David Elleray and Johnny Doherty and Miss P and Lindsey Bullman. That’s saying summit and all!

Anyway, me, Hayley and Sarah stayed with Ken and Oscar Price (he’s quite sweet actually or so he seemed) for a bit then left them to get food and a much needed hot chocolate.

On the coach on the way back, Didier Lomas was telling us that Nutter pulled. There were some girls asking him to go with [snog] them and he did. Hopefully he’ll forget about me for a while then.

Also on the coach, Emma was telling Georgia Dean that Ewan Swann said he wasn’t sure whether to go out with Safiyah L. Why couldn’t he ask me?

Karen Brent was feeling sick whilst sat behind me and Freda was desperate for the toilet.

Got back to Hayley’s, ate chips and gravy, changed clothes, went home, had a bath, went to bed.


[*The trip to Llanberis was pre-diary so I don’t have an entry for it. It was so bad that pupils and teachers of old from my school still occasionally recall the terrible memories today. Just a taste of what went on…

  • There was torrential rain from the first day so everyone’s stuff got soaked and never dried out.
  • We were forced to abseil in thunderstorms, re-wetting any item of clothing that got ideas above its station about drying out a bit in the fresh air.
  • I slipped and cut my shin very badly on a slate rock, causing my leg swell so much that I couldn’t walk. 
  • None of the teachers gave a toss about my injury because everyone except Cat Elliot and I had food poisoning.
  • The only reason Cat and I escaped food poisoning was because the grub was so awful that we survived for 3 days solely on packets of Digestive biscuits that our mums packed us off with.

Thank you, McVitie’s!]

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