He was stood there stroking the back of my neck – 5th & 6th May 1999

Wednesday 5th Quite a lot to tell today. First of all, Paul Nutt. After lunch, I saw him shoving Donald Patterson about and vice versa but only messing about. I found this quite amusing so I was smiling to myself. As I walked past Paul, I looked at him, forgetting I was smiling and so he smiled at me. Then at last break, Hayley told me that Paul had told Stuart Hobbs to tell her to tell me that he didn’t like me anymore.

The other thing that Stuart said was that Henry Rockwell liked me. Well, that’s what Hayley said, only later she told me that that was in Year 7. I’m confused!

Next thing. I got an A* in my practice Geography paper with 98%!!! Pretty good, hey?!

Man Utd have just drawn 2-2 with Liverpool. Not good. They needed to win. Now Arsenal’ll probably will probably win the Premiership. David Elleray was being a tosser. He sent Irwin off and gave L’pool a penalty for no reason. I think he’s a secret Scouser!

I’ve just been taking to Adam and Andrew on the net again. I was arguing with Andrew about football and Adam kept saying how much he loved me! 2 very different conversations going on there!


Thursday 6th Ed’s gone nice to me again. He was a bit off with me a while back but he’s being okay again. He was being a bit worrying in Art though. Well, not really actually coz he’s like that but 1st he was stood there stroking the back of my neck until I told him to “geroff” and then later on I told him that Emma’s clay artwork was crumbling. After I said that he unexpectedly grabbed my arms, pulled me in, kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me.

Don’t get it! I think it’s coz I told him about Emma’s work coz they’re doing the same idea basically and there’s a bit of rivalry going on and Emma’s saying he copied her.

Adrian Ford was being nice and chatty to me as well. He was complimenting my artwork and asking me about Emma and Davis Nolan and telling me where his exhibition’s going and stuff.

No other news really so I’ll get back to Adrian Mole I think!


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