Further Maths A-Level (NIGHTMARE!!!)  – 4th May 1999

Tuesday 4th I had an Art exam all day today. I only forgot to go to the toilet, didn’t I?!

Cameron forgot we had it today and turned up half way through the morning saying he’d only just remembered in French so he didn’t have his exam work. His mum had to be sent for to get it. He wasn’t having the best of days really coz later he dropped his ball behind a filing cabinet and got jammed behind it just as a teacher came in!

I’ve just been online talking to Adam and 2 of his friends. Adam didn’t say much interesting really. Ronan was one of them. He said he’d seen photos of me but didn’t say anything else about that and then when I asked for a reaction on Hayley, he said summit like, “You were pissed, weren’t you?!?! Send me some more of you.” I didn’t.

The other ‘friend’ was called Andrew (Tyler I think must be his surname coz his screen name’s atty1er and Adam referred to him as ‘Tyler’). He’s another maths genius who’s taking Further Maths A-Level (NIGHTMARE!!!) with Adam. He told me that both Adam’s parents are accountants (that’s why he’s good at maths) and he also said that Adam used to be a dick but he’s alright now.

I had to watch what I said really coz it was probably all getting reported back to Adam. I don’t think they told him too much coz he put, “Love ya. And I mean it” at the end of the I.M. followed by loads of kisses so I take it I’m still in his good books.

Yuk! Wednesday tomorrow. Also found out my French oral (AARGHH!!!) is at 3:00pm May 13th. Definitely unlucky for me!

I’m reading ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ now. I found it at Grandma S.’s and she let me have it. It’s so funny!


This diary doesn’t sound too much like that though, does it, with all my little worries and all?! [Does it? Who’s read Adrian Mole and (unlike me) can remember it?]


5 thoughts on “Further Maths A-Level (NIGHTMARE!!!)  – 4th May 1999

  1. Ive defo thought of Adrian Mole. Lots of romantic worries and period detail, and Bye!! sounds right too!


  2. That’s funny. My ex spent time growing up in London and had a copy of Adrian Mole. I read like crazy and was looking for something one day @ her place and found it. Funny stuff!


    • I’m going to have to re-read some Adrian Mole I think. I remember enjoying the books but that’s all. It’ll probably give a whole new perspective now I’m a fully fledged adult having uncovered my own diaries.


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