Using her as a substitute for Emma – 30th April 1999

Friday 30th I phoned Adam this evening. I’d been talking to him online and he was in tonight so he said it was okay. We didn’t say much interesting as usual and I was doing most of the talking. I was saying about the prom and he was telling me how his school were having a leavers’ service at church coz the R.E. teacher’s a vicar or summit like that.

I really like him at the moment, it’s just annoying that he lives too far away. Although I might not like him if I ever did see him!

It was weird when Hayley and I first went to the phone box coz as soon as we got to it, it started ringing. I wanted to use it so we hung up. Then it started ringing again so I hung up again and tried to phone Adam but it wasn’t taking my money. I ended up phoning from the Sports Club.

The only link between the 2 times it rang was a man in a red car. As we were walking past the pub, it was coming up the road then turned down another road, stopped and then we lost sight of it. That was before. After the 1st time we hung up, the same car came round past the phone box we were in (by the bank and beauty parlour) and drove slowly past before going back up the main road out of view. Then it rang for a 2nd time.

When I got home tonight, I told Abby about it and she told me the same had happened to her and he mates at the phone opposite the supermarket at about the same time (8:30pm approx.), only they answered it.

She told me it was some bloke called Johnny who was at the petrol station and he was trying to get hold of someone. She said the phone kept ringing every time they hung up and then some other man turned up and he answered it twice and the stood about for ages as if he was looking for someone before disappearing round the back of the supermarket.

She told me that a big police van had also turned up and 2 policemen were running about. I saw the van go by as I was walking with Hayley to the phone box. I have to agree with Abby that it was all very dodgy.

I had it out with Hayley in the Sports Club about her over-reacting to everything and how unfair she was being on me expecting me not to talk to Emma and stuff. I said it all while she sat there sobbing. I felt better after saying it, even though it did upset her coz I got it all off my chest I think.

She did accuse me of using her as a substitute for Emma but I told her how unfair that was and how she was being really unreasonable and insecure. I think I said it all and I think she listened for once coz after I was leaving she ran after me and said she didn’t mean what she said. Maybe it’s finally sunk in, or some of it at least!

I was with Ralph, Emma and Ferny after school coz orchestra finished early and Ferny’d lost his bike lock key or summit so they had to saw it off. So we went back into the Tech room with them and there was this giant gateau which a caretaker had made and it was being tucked into by Mr P [the teacher who had ended orchestra early]. We then started heading home.

I still really like Ferny. Hayley told me she fancies Freddie Bevan now which is fine by me!

Emma’s been nice to me as well this week and she keeps telling me about arguments she’s had with Davis Nolan and stuff and how he’s fallen out with her because he was calling Rachael immature and then denying it. She also keeps telling me what she’s doing at weekend. I don’t get it!



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