What if summit bad’s happened to him? – 21st-26th April 1999

Wednesday 21st First things first…

MAN UTD – 3         JUVENTUS – 2

Yeah! We’ve done it, we’re through to the Champions League final after being 2-0 down after 11 mins then coming back at ‘em with goals from Keane, Yorke and Cole. Brilliant!

Adam should’ve got my letter by now although I haven’t heard from him for a few days and I’ve not been on [the internet] tonight. I hope he mails me or summit soon.


Thursday 22nd I’ve been thinking about Adam and I’m worried. You’ll probably think this is pathetic coz I hardly know the lad. I should’ve heard from him by now. Surely he’d have e-mailed me if he got my letter and he should have.

What if summit bad’s happened to him? I’ve got no way of knowing. I s’pose I could always mail Ronan and see if he’s got owt to say. I’ve not heard from Adam since last week though. I s’pose he did go back to school this week and maybe he’s busy with work or revision. I hope that’s all it is.

If he’s not mailed me by next Monday, I think I’ll mail Ronan.

I’m going bowling tomorrow night with Bella etc. Tell more tomorrow maybe.


Friday 23rd I went bowling with Bella, Rochelle Jenkins and Hayley this evening. It was quite good actually after about 9:00 coz loads of fit lads arrived. I got a few looks and a smile which was nice!

We bowled for a bit and I won and then we went on the dodgems and hung round the arcade bit staring at lads and moaning and gossiping about people.

Rochelle and Bella were smoking quite a bit which I don’t approve of myself but it’s their life.

It took quite a bit of persuading to get Hayley to go at all coz she started chickening out today. I think she’s glad she came though. Hopefully we’ll do it again sometime. It was a laugh.

Emma was telling me in orchestra that she’s going to the cinema tomorrow with Lindsey and Lena, and Ewan’s invited himself along. She didn’t ask me so I hope he doesn’t go. Apparently he’d gone off Holly Lowe so I wonder who he’s after now.


Sunday 25th Guess who I heard from today, yes, Adam and about time too! He said his computer’s been down all week. He mailed me last night and then again tonight saying how he went to the NEC for the Good Homes Show on Friday with school I think. He got to help the Changing RoomsChanging Rooms lot coz he says he doesn’t get embarrassed and doesn’t mind making a prat of himself. Well, he got to meet Handy Andy anyway!

We nearly went to that actually. Well, Mum wanted to go but I don’t think I would have done!


Monday 26th  P. [Period]

Nutter’s cut all down the side of his face now. At 1st I thought he’d been back up to his old self-mutilation tricks again but apparently he got really pissed and fell in the road. Hmmm.

Jill Dando’s been murdered. It’s awful! It’s all on the news and everything coz it only happened at about 1:00pm today. I can’t believe it, it seems so untrue.

Ewan went to the cinema in a suit according to Emma! I wish I’d seen him. She told me that he and Ed just sat in the corner so I don’t think I missed that much. Not that I’ll ever get a chance to find out.


4 thoughts on “What if summit bad’s happened to him? – 21st-26th April 1999

  1. That’s funny. I was just starting my military career back in the early/mid 90s and went into some chat rooms to stay in touch with friends from back home. Obviously, I started making new “online” friends who were in the same rooms and developed really close relationships. I remember frequently wondering if something happened to either one of us, how the other person would ever know.


    • Part of me was convinced Adam was a 50 year old weirdo perve but I mostly hoped that he was a dreamboat who would want to snog me and I had no way of checking he was ok. We take it for granted a bit now that we can get hold of anyone at anytime and have at least 3 ways of doing so!


      • The other funny part is how mainstream it’s become now. Once upon a time people would give you so many warnings about the internet pervs. Nowadays so many people have met their significant other online.


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