If I told Mum the truth, she’d freak! – 16th April 1999

Friday 16th I got my letter off Adam this morning. Mum had hold of it and gave it to me. She mustn’t have seen the back of the envelope with his address and name on coz she asked if it was from Rachael Hollins. I told her it was but I also said that there was this girl, Angela, who I thought it could’ve been off who left a while back but came back recently and said she’d write.

If I told Mum the truth, she’d freak! Here it is with a school photo in there somewhere too. I hope he looks better in real life but when have I ever gone for looks?!

[I wasn’t sure whether to include a letter that I don’t have permission to share but sod it. He’s never going to see it (please reassure me that he’s never going to see it!) and it’s about time I included something written by 90s teenage boy on here.

I can’t get a clear photo of it because it’s a bit crumpled so I’ll type it out. I promise I’m not skipping anything.]

14th April 1999

Dear Tessa,
                    Hi ya! Here’s the letter that I’ve been promising you for ages! I’ve just finished preparing my French oral – although it still needs modification! I can’t wait to drop French though, it’s so boring!!

I’ve just phoned the local radio station – and my request has just come on the radio – Bohemian Rapsady (if that’s how you spell it!!) so that’s the highlight of my day – what’s yours been like? I suppose you’re already back at school – worst luck! Never mind, not many weeks left now! And after that it’s not gonna be many weeks before we meet is it?

When + where are we gonna meet? Of course Hayley and Ronan’ll both have to come along to keep each other company – as we’ve already discussed, we’ll be more involved in other things….. let your mind wander again! 🙂 he he he!

What else have you got planned for after your exams – apart from parties? Speaking of which I might be having one; if I do then you’re definately invited!… but that’s only IF I have one!! Are you going anywhere on holiday? We should be but Dad hasn’t booked it yet… I keep on reminding him but nothing seems to happen.

I’ve included a photo – it ain’t very good my head is sqewed to the side… o well! You’ll have to make do with that until I get some more done! You’d best send me one (or more if you can find them) back. I want a passport one to keep in my wallet… it doesn’t have to be the school one but I want a small one amongst the load that you send me!!

When we meet then we’ll get some taken together – which’ll be pretty cool!

I apologise if my handwriting is messy – it’s the pen I’m afraid, I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere… not that I’m that bothered of course… if I can’t find my pencil case for school I don’t really mind.

Thanks again for the Valentines card. It was really sweet of you… I’ll make it up to you some time soon – if you get what I mean??

Well, I suppose that I had best get back to bloody revision! Only a little bit of biology left to go – I’d enjoy biology if it was practical – genetics and reproduction and all that!! he he (aren’t I rude!)

Phone me sometime soon – I like speaking to you on the phone!

I had this wierd dream last night that you came over to my house after school. You’d walked over for some reason. But it was only a dream! DOH!!

Don’t forget to send all the photo’s that you can spare (so I can show you off to all my mates!).

Best dash – and post this – you should receive this by Friday with any luck – otherwise it’ll be Saturday. Let me know when it arrives!

                                       Be good – Take care and remember that I love ya LOADS
                                                             All my love

Crap photo which makes me look like a spastic included!


I wrote a letter back to him this evening. I’ll probably post it tomorrow. [I wish I could read that!]

Ferny’s asked Lena to the prom. Not good!


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