Pure edge-of-seat stuff – 14th April 1999

Wednesday 14th I just can’t think of any words which I can write down to describe to you how I, and I’m sure many other Man Utd fans, feel right now. I have just witnessed one of the best games of football I have EVER seen and that’s something coz, believe me, I’ve watched a lot of football.

It was the replay between Man Utd and Arsenal after a 0-0 score on Sunday and that was a pretty good match too, although very frustrating with Arsenal down to 10 men and Sheringham’s wrongly-called offside goal.

Tonight though was pure edge-of-seat stuff. This time it was United who were down to 10 men when Keane got sent off. By then it was already 1-1 after a great goal from Beckham and then Arsenal equalising.

I thought Utd had lost it when in stoppage time Arsenal got a penalty after a bad tackle from Phil Neville. Dennis Bergkamp took it and The Great Dane made a brilliant save. I was SO relieved.

It went into extra time and it did look like the others were going to score coz they had so many chances. Then Giggs, who I’d not seen much of, made a magnificent run, dodging defenders only to score United’s 2nd. I tell you, my throat doesn’t half hurt from shouting!!!

My bad P.E. lesson seems to have been cancelled out by a top match. I had Miss P on at me again – wrongly. Shauna Adams was with me and was complaining to Mr P-K about having to do the 800m and I agreed and pointed out that the other group got a choice of event and Miss came along and started telling me to sort out my attitude and stuff. Bitch! I hate her. I think she likes humiliating me.



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