Lindsey Bullshit – 12th & 13th April 1999

Monday 12th School wasn’t too bad actually. It sounds like Hayley and I did more than the rest of them in the hols. Mega Bitch (Lindsey) got a letter home from school at the start saying they were concerned about her coursework or summit. Well, I’m more concerned about that huge, gaping hole in the middle of her face. That could get dangerous if someone wasn’t looking where they were going!

Sorry, maybe that makes me as bad as her. I bloody well hope not!

I tried hard to keep a straight face but failed in P.E. when Johnny Doherty and Tunde were talking about the Grand National. They were saying that if they were entering a horse they’d call it “Lindsey Bullman”. Then Tunde said, “You mean Lindsey Bullshit!” I tried very hard not to snigger coz I had Rachael next to me.

Rachael was actually being really nice to me, chatting away about her hols.

I’ve just been watching Great Expectations on TV. Hayley things I’m sad but I love stuff like that, especially when the cast included Ioan Gruffudd. He’s so lovely! The worrying thing is though that my mum agrees!

[Via IMDB]


Tuesday 13th  I might be going bowling a week on Friday with Hayley, Bella, Chloe Gomez and Rochelle Jennings and anyone else who wants to come. Cameron Anderson might come too with some mates.

I was telling Bella in Art about Freda going out with this 22 year old who works at Gulliver’s World. They’re going to LA Bowl this Friday and we were going to go to have a look until she remembered she was already going somewhere. Then at lunch, Bella suggested that we should all go anyway another time. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s pleasing to have someone ask me somewhere seeing as The Bitches are planning a trip to McCauley’s and Mr Smith’s in Warrington.

I had Swing Band after school and Paul N was hanging around playing a guitar coz he’s in some rock concert at school which Charlie Wilson was trying to get me to go to. I have to say, Paul’s got a nice tan!

Emma was asking him if he still likes me. He does.

Adam phoned tonight. I’d been talking to him on the net and he said he would. When he rang we just talked about school, GCSEs, A-Levels, holidays, letter writing, photographs and loads more boring stuff like that. There weren’t any awkward silences though. Even if it was boring conversational topics, I really enjoyed talking to him again.


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