Well, that’s just charming! NOT! – 9th & 11th April 1999

Friday 9th I know I’ve still got 2 days to go but I’m already worrying about going back to school. It just suddenly came on today. I’ve been wondering all holiday what everyone else has been doing but I think that now I’m towards the end of the hols I’ve realised that, even though I’ve quite enjoyed myself, I’ve not really got a lot to tell.

No doubt all the bitches will have done loads of stuff that they can’t wait to talk about in front of me and Hayley. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does.

Jerry from the Sports Club asked me and Hayley if we would work next New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure about that. We’d get about £100 and it was good last time but it’s the Millennium and I’m not going to see many of them, am I? It’s too far off to say what’ll have happened by then. Probably nothing but I don’t want to say yes and be committed to that now coz I could get an invite somewhere else that I’d rather be. Hayley’ll probably do it coz she’d only be in the Sports Club with her family anyway.


Sunday 11th Well, it’s the last day of the holidays and back to school tomorrow. I didn’t want it to be but I suppose it had to come round eventually. I’ve only got 6 weeks left now coz on 21st May (Mum’s birthday) I leave and my first exam is on 24th May (Grandma’s birthday).

I’m probably going to find out tomorrow what everyone else has been doing, whether I want to or not. I know there was a big lad get together at Ed’s last night coz they phoned May’s house while Abby and her mates were there to see if they wanted to join them. Well, that’s just charming! NOT! He’d rather have my Year 10 sister and her mates for company than me and mine.

Oh no, sorry, I forgot, I’ve not really got many friends anymore, have I? Splitting from that lot who I was friends with has also pretty much cost me my friendship with people like Ed. I bet they were all happy to slag me off to him and I’ll bet he went along with whatever they said coz he’s as weak as any of them. I’ll also bet that they didn’t mention the Steps concert coz they wouldn’t want to make themselves look bad in front of boys now, would they?

Oh well, Hayley and I have decided that whatever they say or do about anything we’re not involved in, we’re going to keep smiling coz that’s just what twisted cows like Lindsey don’t want to see – us having had a better time than them. True or not, that’s what we’re going to try and make them think.


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