He wears tight trousers – 7th-9th April 1999

Thursday 6th I got absolutely drenched this evening coz I went with Hayley to watch her little nephew playing football. They were all so cute and pretty crap at goalkeeping!

I went on the internet tonight to try and get some research done and Adam (ARC33) has somehow managed to get his IMs onto AOL. I don’t really understand how.

Well, that’s it, he’s got my address as well now. I didn’t actually tell him what it was but he knows my surname so I told him my dad’s name so he could look it up. He did. Oh well, if anything bad happens to me like I get kidnapped or worse then try him out with the police.

Mind you, it would be pretty daft of him to give me his name, address, phone number and photo if he was planning that. I’ll just have to see. Take things as they come. I’m gonna feel pretty stupid though if I have to tell anyone that he’s got my address and stuff coz my parents have warned me not to give it.

Oh, I wish I hasn’t let him find out now, I’m worried. I mean, he could be a complete psycho, I don’t really know, but then again he could be fairly normal. Not everyone’s a total weirdo, ae they?

Chris Holbrook was online too. I spoke to him for a bit but then he went.


Wednesday 7th I phoned Adam again with Hayley. We didn’t really talk about anything interesting, just stuff like how far Alton Towers (5 mins for him) and Blackpool (1 and a half hours for him) are from where we live.

I saw the Dutch man who delivers flowers to the florist where Hayley works too today. She keeps going on about him coz her sister and the other women who work at the shop fancy him coz he wears tight trousers.

I also kept seeing the Indian boy. We think he’s from the restaurant and he keeps wandering round the village. We saw him about 10 times today and Hayley said he said hello to her this morning. He looks about 13 but might be older, we’re not sure, but Hayley keeps asking if I fancy him (she told Adam I did, little cow!) but I think she’s only asking coz she does!


Thursday 8th I’ve got my glasses now. We got a card through the door saying I could go and have them adjusted so I could take them home. I’m wearing them now. I’m getting used to them already but I doubt I’ll wear them in school. Everything’s much clearer now when it’s close up than when I’m not wearing them. Like now, while I’m writing I’m quite close. Without them it’s slightly blurred, with them it’s not.

Hayley came round before and said they looked really good. She sounded genuine but she may have just been saying that.

Also, whilst she was here, I showed her the photos of Adam that I’ve got. She wasn’t very impressed by them but he’s not that bad, especially compared to some of the people I’ve fancied e.g. Ralph Christopherson. He’s probably on about the same level as Ewan looks-wise which is okay. He says he’ll send me a photo of his mate, Ronan Prince, who he says is most likely to be the one who’ll meet me with him and also be set up with Hayley. I hope he’s not fit!


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