He wants me to phone or write – 4th April 1999

Sunday 4th I’ve not done much revision yet. I should be but I just can’t bring myself to sit down and work. That fact that it’s been really sunny hasn’t helped. It’s supposed to be rainy for the next few days so maybe I’ll get really bored and do some.

I phoned Adam (ARC33) tonight with Hayley. I said I would do this holiday so I did but someone was waiting for the phone and he had to go out so he said to phone again in the middle of the week.

I read an e-mail from him this morning saying that he’d split up with his girlfriend, we should definitely meet up somewhere after our exams and that he wants me to phone or write. I phoned coz I’m still not keen on the idea of giving him my address. If I’m going to give it to him at all, I’ll do it on the phone then he can write to me first coz I don’t know what to put in a letter to him really. I’ll see what happens next time I ring him.

Not a lot was said on the phone tonight coz it was a short call. It was just asking what we’d been doing so far in the hols, if I still had a stalker and then we got on to the subject of Valentine’s cards. He asked how many I got and then said, “Well, I got one from you.” I admitted it and said it was Hayley who persuaded me into it but she grabbed the phone off me and told him otherwise and that it had been all my idea. She said he sounded really surprised and pleased and said, “Oh really” or summit. That was when the other people came so we had to go. He’s still got a really nice voice.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that cows have been put into the field across the river at the (what used to be) sheep farm. They’re ally nosey and Mollie was bouncing about, barking at them last night. I was stood on the drive and could tell it was her, just a tiny black thing jumping about behind a herd of cattle. She’s so cute! She had to have her hair fur cut today for the summer coz she’s a Scottie and doesn’t moult and she started shaking. It must have brought back memories of when we sent her to have it done properly and she hated it. Poor little thing.

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