A bit of lad-spotting – 1st & 2nd April 1999

Thursday 1st I went to the opticians at Boots in the Trafford Centre today. I’ve been having trouble focusing when I’ve been working and stuff and last time I went to the opticians (about 5 years ago) they told me I was slightly longsighted and, seeing as I’m supposed to be doing a lot of revision for my GCSEs, we thought it’d be a good idea to get it checked out.

They’ve decided now that it’d be a good idea for me to have glasses, even if it’s only temporarily. I picked out some £120 Dakota Smith frames which were half price luckily with some money off anyway coz I’m only 16 and in full time education.

[Like many other things I’ve mentioned in my diaries, I found those glasses. They were in a shoebox of shite that I really should chuck out so I thought I’d give them one last outing and model them for you along with my 1998-99 dolphin diary.]

I don’t really mind having glasses coz it’s only when I’m working anyway and I probably won’t bother with them for school. I’ll see.

I had to go in for some tests first with some bloke who did that colour blindness book, some thing where I had to focus on a house and one where lights flashed up and I had to count them. He then sent me through to some woman who did the usual stuff with the letters and the different lenses and that stuff. They were all nice enough.

She also did the light thing where they shine it into your eye. That was weird. I could see the inside of my eye somehow. It was all pink with darker veins running through it. It must’ve reflected off the glass in the torch or summit coz I don’t think it was my imagination.


Friday 2nd Hayley actually asked me if I wanted to go ON THE BUS to Warrington with her coz she needed a revision guide or summit. [Hayley a) didn’t like going anywhere on the bus and b) didn’t like leaving her village.]

It was quite a good day actually. All we really did was go round the shops and do a bit of lad-spotting. We saw Chloe Gomez and Yvette Brand there so they showed us these lads they’ve been stalking. They’re not exactly nice.

After missing 2 buses, we finally got back to Hayley’s village. We spent ages just sat on a bench waiting for John Baker to come out of the bakery. He did eventually and helped some woman who works there too with her bags (how polite!) and then he went to a bus stop further up the road. I then saw the bus coming so I got on it at the stop before his. He got on with the woman and did glance at me but that’s it.

Of course, we ended up getting off at the same stop in my village and he looked surprised when I stood up to go when he did. He probably thinks I’m stalking him! He is quite nice looking but a bit of a geek. He’s not as nice looking as I remember him from the 6th Form open evening though.


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