“Tessa’s got nice legs” – 22nd-26th March 1999

Monday 22nd Well, according to Abby, now Ewan’s not going out with Holly. They did go to the cinema though on Saturday night (not on their own) and he did that yawn, stretch and rest your arm back down and the back of the seat next to you, which in his case just happened to be seating Holly! I’d have laughed I think. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face. Abby said Holly moved as far in the opposite direction in her seat as she could! I dunno if that’s true. She also said they didn’t go with [snog] each other and she doesn’t know if Holly likes him or not.

Hayley said she saw “Holly ♥’z Ewan Swan” (spelt wrong) written on the desk in physics. That’s not a good sign.

The Steps photos were in school today. They were showing them off right in front of me so I didn’t react. They were really close to the front too. It’s not fair! Emma’s the only one who’s apologised so far.


Thursday 25th I’m so annoyed with Hayley. We were meant to be going to this under 18s night at Bowlers nightclub at Trafford Park but she’s just let me down at the last minute. Who am I going to find now to come with me? When I first suggested it she was all for it then last week she was having doubts but I managed to persuade her back into it. But then just now she’s decided she really doesn’t want to go.

There’s no reason that she’s given me and I bet she’s left it so late to tell me deliberately so I can’t go either coz she won’t want me to have any fun either.

Fair enough, it might not have been her scene (soft cow!) but it’s unfair on me to leave it so late before letting me know. Well, thanks a bunch, Hayley!


Friday 26th It’s William F’s [Ferny’s] birthday today. Hayley bought him a card and Lena bought him socks. I didn’t bother coz I don’t really speak to him much anymore.

I’ve been wearing a skirt for school for the last couple of days and I think I’m going to have to do it more often coz, in Biology today, I saw Ollie Bramwell looking in my direction. We were watching a video so I went and sat on the side bench near where he was sat and I heard him say to Ed, “Tessa’s got nice legs”. I looked up and Ed told him I’d heard it. I pretended I hadn’t and he asked why I’d gone red then. Well, that was quite flattering anyway.

I went to the cinema to see ‘Waking Ned’ tonight with Freda, Hayley, Lizzie, Karen and Lucy. It was quite a good, funny film and worth seeing.

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

Before we went in, we all went to Asda to get food supplies coz it’s cheaper there than at the cinema and we got fed up of looking for Lizzie and Karen so Lucy and I got them to give a customer announcement from the service desk to ask them to meet us. I think they were a bit embarrassed!

Afterwards, there were loads of lads hanging about and some of the fitter ones took an interest in us and were saying “chat her up for me” and stuff to each other. Hayley, of course, was convinced they were talking about her and told me they’d been waving at her and stuff but I think she just said that to try and compete with what Ollie said about my legs. I was with her all the time nearly and I didn’t see them single her out. I waved at them as we left and they waved back coz Freda’s dad arrived just before they got the confidence to come over. Usual thing, never mind!


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