One of her against the rest of them – 13th & 15th March 1999

Saturday 13th I should be there now at that concert but I’m not, am I? The advert for it and competitions to win tickets for it keep coming on the radio just to rub it in. There are so many questions I want answering but I don’t want to ask them for fear of what the answer might be. It could be something I don’t want to hear and that I’m better off not hearing but I really want to put them on the spot and make them suffer.

Hayley phoned here before. She’s working hard at the florist this weekend coz of Mother’s Day tomorrow. She’s delivering a bunch to Ewan’s mum tomorrow and told me that she did a couple of years ago too and he answered in his Lion King pyjamas! Aah, how sweet!

She also told me that this morning they [the bitches] all walked past. I think they stayed over at Rachael’s house before tonight and Georgia went in the shop to cancel an order. They make me so angry! I still can’t believe they’re going to get away with all this. […so I drew them.]

[The herd from left to right: Emma, Rachael, Lindsey, Olivia and Lena.]

[The herd from left to right: Emma, Rachael, Lindsey, Olivia and Lena.]


Monday 15th I sort of had it out with Emma this morning. Well, Hayley did, I just sat there and waited for her to shut up.

Lena, Jade and Lindsey weren’t in school so I took the opportunity to let her explain properly whilst she was on her own. But as soon as she opened her mouth, Hayley jumped down her throat saying how they’d all treated us like shit and stuff. She’s handled it all in a completely different way to me. I’ve been trying to take the calm approach whilst she’s just been screaming and yelling at people then bursting into tears.

I managed to get Emma alone later on and I just asked why she went along with it all. She basically said that she was sorry and that she knows she’s meant to be my friend but there was like one of her against the rest of them. She gave the same answer when I asked about the Johnny thing.

I think I believe her and I can half understand why she did it and I know she wasn’t behind it all. She told me that just before Lena told me about the seats, she’d gone up to Emma and said, “I’m going to tell Tess the seats have been double-booked coz Georgia’s coming. Just play along.” I think that’s the truth coz I did see Lena speaking quickly to Emma before she said that to me.

If she really did agree with what they’ve done and wasn’t feeling guilty then she probably wouldn’t have taken the risk of talking to me about it. Not only that but telling me who was behind it all and also telling me that she knows Rachael’s an immature little cow and there’s no excuse for the way she’s been acting.

I feel a bit better now most of this is out in the open between me and Emma. I dunno about her though but she wasn’t acting as if she wanted to get rid of me quite as much today. I’ve found myself forgiving her for it because she seems to have been pretty honest with me about the situation.

As I was waiting for Mum to drive past and pick me up on the way home, a white Ford Escort drove past beeping. I looked up and there was Nutter waving at me from the passenger seat. I think I sort of smiled but only out of shock!


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