Some people are just like that – 12th March 1999

Friday 12th At last break, Bella Jameson dragged me into C Block and told me that she’d just been talking to Jade Hancock. She said she’d been bragging about going to the Steps concert so Bella said she shut her up by saying, “But I thought your seats had been double-booked.” Nice one, Bels!

By the sounds of it , Jade realised what she’d done and tried to worm her way out of it by telling Bella that they had been double-booked and that they weren’t going or summit but realised she’d been caught out and, when Bella asked why I wasn’t going, Jade told her summit like I was moody. Well, Bella doesn’t think I am and I can’t think of when I’ve been moody towards them. Well, no more than anyone else has been, if not less, so it’s just another one of their excuses.

In orchestra, I decided I couldn’t put up with another weekend of worrying about what I was going to say and how I was going to react to them all on Monday. So, very calmly and out of the blue, I asked Emma, “Is it true you’re still going to the Steps concert tomorrow?”

She sort of sighed and sounded relieved which surprised me because I thought she’d deny it. She said, “Yeah, we are. I’m so sorry about it. I’ve been working up to telling you all week. In fact, I’m glad you’ve brought it up coz I didn’t know what to say.”

I asked why they’d done it and she said, “Georgia wanted to go but I didn’t know about it until afterwards.” So I asked whose idea it’d been and she told me she thought it was Lena and Jade who came up with it but she thought Lindsey Bullman was the one at the bottom of the whole thing but she didn’t know why. She said it was probably just a continuation of what happened before with Lindsey and Karen [Bullying me in Year 7 and 8.] and that I hadn’t necessarily done anything because some people are just like that.

She also told me that Lena and Jade just had a really major falling out (good!) because of it all. Apparently, Lena had a right go at Jade coz she was the one who let slip 3 times to Sarah, Freda and Bella.

It was like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders and all this stuff about Lindsey, Lena and Jade came flooding out. It could’ve all been an act but I don’t think it was. I think she’s genuinely been feeling guilty and I doubt she was behind it all anyway. It’s not her style. I have to say, she was risking her friendship with them a bit by telling me who was behind it all coz I could just go and tell them what she said. I won’t though.

The funny thing was that I just wasn’t annoyed with her at all. I expected myself to really want to hit her but all the tension that there’s been seemed to just go away. I can’t say I can completely forgive her coz she had plenty of opportunities to tell me they were still going but instead she lied like with the Johnny thing yesterday, although she wasn’t on her own when I brought that up. That little bitch Rachael was there too. Rachael may not have been behind it all but, out of the lot of them, she’s the one that’s acted the worst towards me.

It might all change after the weekend when Emma’s spoken to them all without me there and she could go bitchy again. I’ll have to see what happens on Monday then take it from there.

I went to the cinema this evening with Cat Elliot, Karen Brent and Lizzie Bond to see ‘This Year’s Love’. It was an 18 but we got in (amazingly). It was meant to be funny but it wasn’t really. In fact, it was a bit depressing. I quite enjoyed myself though and we had a laugh.

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

We went to MacDonald’s after and got a few beeps and whistles from cars full of lads. Then when we were eating, we looked out of the window which was right next to me and there was this car crawling next to it. The lad driving turned round and winked (I smiled back) then sped off.


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