Ewan Swann loomed out of the darkness – 9th March 1999

Tuesday 9th Jazz FM came to our school today to do a workshop with the Swing Band. It was quite good – once it was over! You see, they made us improvise parts and then play them to the rest of the band – alone. Not very nice as I’m sure you can imagine.

There were 4 blokes altogether. The lead one, Nat Birchall who looked like a cross between Billy Connolly and the devil, could do this mad thing with his neck while he was playing the sax. It sort of expanded a lot when he breathed in and no-one could take their eyes off it.

My sister fancied Richard Wetherall, the keyboard player (cross between Stephen Houghton and Ferny and who was stoned I think, judging by the expressions he made when playing). [Please note that I didn’t really know what ‘stoned’ was.]

We also had to do a concert thing at the British Legion club with them. We played only 4 pieces and then they did the rest of the evening. I had a bleeding shock though when I was sat on the stage. As I looked up to see where my mum was, Ewan Swann loomed out of the darkness. Luckily I couldn’t see him when he sat down or I’d have been in a major state of panic.

After we’d finished, we got to sit in the audience and watch the blokes play. Ewan was sat pretty much on his own so Emma and Davis sat with him. So of course, as I walked past, Emma grabbed me and said, “Sit here with us”. There was two spaces. One on a bench thing next to Ewan from which he moved his coat to clear a space for me and one on the other side of the table by Emma. I took that one. [Argh! Why?!]

I did speak to him a bit but it was just in general conversation. He did ask me if I wanted a drink and what music I liked though. [I hope I didn’t say ‘Steps’.] Emma said she thought he was trying to get a conversation going but I, being dense, didn’t realise and didn’t carry it on much.

Every time I turned round to watch the band, Emma and Ewan were leaning across the table and whispering to each other then Emma nudged me and stuff or asked me what he’d asked her to ask me. Why he couldn’t have done it himself, I don’t know but still, I got the messages through Emma.

One thing was just after a debate (not including me) as to whether he looked better with his glasses on or off. Then I think he said to Emma (whispering), “Ask Tess what she thinks” so she did. I told him the answer. He looked better with them on. Then Emma nudged me again later and said he kept asking her to ask me if I’d phone him. I dunno what for though. I don’t want to either. Why can’t he ring me anyway?

There could’ve been more coz Emma had that knowing sort of smile on her face but she didn’t tell me anything else. Oh well, it looks like there’s still hope for me yet!

I don’t know why he was there actually coz his parents weren’t and he wasn’t with any of his mates really either. Hmmm. [I hoped he was there to see me, didn’t I?]


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