“If you’re not scared now, you should be” – 6th March 1999

Saturday 6th We got this scary e-mail this morning, well, it was actually sent at about 11:00 on Thursday but we only read it today. It kept saying, “F**K YOU bitch” in it and stuff like “if you’re not scared now, you should be” and “by the end of the month you’ll be scared shitless”.

It was sent from someone called unwanted1@hotmail.com or summit and the place where the name usually is said “red rum” (read it backwards). It really scared me. It said other stuff too which sounded like freaky song lyrics or something. Oh, I dunno, it’s just really freaked me out anyway.

It’s got to be linked with Paul Nutt though. It’s too coincidental that it’s from Hotmail (which is what he’s on) and the ‘unwanted1’ part could also link coz he’s always moaning to Jacqueline that no-one’ll give him a chance.

Although, I’m not entirely convinced it’s him and Jac and Abby keep telling me that it’s not his style. He could have got one of his mates or someone to do it for him or if he’s told them about me then they may have done it off their own back. Especially if Hayley (who keeps telling him I think he’s a freak) or Ralph (who’s been stirring things) have said something to him which has triggered it all off.

I don’t really know what’s going on but I do know that I don’t like it.

Anyway, I sent it to the people on AOL who try to sort out anything like that so I can see what they make of it. Mum also said that if it carries on then we can always get the police involved. I think Dad just wants to batter ‘em!

I did that competition thing today. It went quite well but we don’t find out until April if we get to go to London for the finals or not.

Emma said I didn’t miss much last night coz they were 20 minutes late and Ewan didn’t even go. He went to Adrian’s instead.


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