Why can’t either Ewan or Ferny ask me to the prom? – 3rd & 5th March 1999

Wednesday 3rd We had our form photos done today and I completely forgot so I probably look a right state on it!

After orchestra tonight, Dougie went up to Emma and asked her if she was going to see A Bug’s Life on Friday. She started telling him who was going and stuff. Ewan’s going and so’s Suzanna. That’s not good. She’ll be all over him coz the rest that are going (lad-wise) are all either mingin’ or taken.

It’s not fair. I really want to go. I should’ve put her on the spot and asked why I hadn’t been asked. I’ll have to try and bring it up again. It was just that I had a good opportunity after school when she was on her own.

If she did end up asking me though (which I very much doubt’ll happen), I’d feel tight on Hayley and also it’d always be in the back of my mind that I’d only be invited coz I forced her. Mind you, it’s already obvious they don’t want me to go.

There’s been no more mention of the prom. Well, not that I’ve been told about anyway. I’ll tell you what I reckon’ll happen. Ewan’ll ask Georgia for definite, that’s what. He’ll also fall into the Suzanna obsession after Friday and he’ll completely forget about me.

Why can’t either Ewan or Ferny ask me to the prom? I’ve had enough bad luck recently, I now want summit good to happen for a change.

Dad’s just got back from Old Trafford. He got a spare ticket off his friend Geoff to go and see Man Utd v Inter Milan there for the quarter finals of the UEFA Cup. I had to watch it on TV. It was still quite a good match though. Man Utd won 2-0, both goals from Yorke in the first half. Not bad.


Friday 5th Well, Emma finally asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema this morning. It wasn’t directly to me, it was more of an open question to anyone who was listening. So, I asked her in orchestra why she hadn’t asked me or Hayley and she said she had this morning then said about 3 times, “You can come if you want” at various moments.

Annoyingly, it turned out that I couldn’t go coz my family were out and about this evening so I couldn’t get a lift anywhere. If she’d have asked me yesterday I’d probably have gone. I could’ve been well in there with Ewan now but he’s probably got off with and/or is going out with Emma, Suzanna or someone else by now. No doubt I’ll get to hear all about it all at this music competition thing tomorrow.


P.S. I got my Steps money back off Lena who also told Freda that the reason she and Lindsey have been off with me is that she don’t really know me that well so they dunno what to say to me. Hmmm, I’m not sure what to make of that.

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