A bit of a confidence boost – 1st & 2nd March 1999

Monday 1st Freda heard all my ex-mates organising lifts and when she asked where to they told her The Apollo which is where the Steps concert is.

I asked Lena if she’d heard anything about the tickets and she told me that she was going to cash in a cheque or summit so we could get our money back. I wasn’t sure if she was lying coz she said it so calmly even though I asked her out of the blue but Freda said it was bollocks coz she’d also heard them talking about getting money back for me or summit. They must’ve planned what they were going to say if I asked them then.

In Science, Emma was being a cow too. She asked Rachael if she wanted to go and see A Bug’s Life at the cinema on Friday with her, Gavin Bilson, Suzanna and Olivia. Then she asked Davis and said she was trying to get a group of people together. She didn’t ask me.

Why are they doing this? Freda said they have said in the past that Hayley and I are boring and moody but she thinks it’s more to do with the fact that they didn’t particularly like Hayley and they’ve taken a dislike to me too coz I stuck by her. It’s just not right. It’s also wrong that they’re probably going to get away with it as well.


Tuesday 2nd Emma told me this morning that in Art yesterday Ewan wanted her to ask Georgia Dean what she’d say if he asked her to the prom. (She doesn’t know.) She said he also said that he thought Georgia was quite nice but that I was really pretty. She said he just came out with it too.

She also told me that Davis said my sister was really nice to talk to but I was really attractive and he said that Ewan agreed with that bit too.

Well, that’s given me a bit of a confidence boost anyway. Shame he’s not asking me to the prom though. It must be my personality then.


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