It looks like I’m going to be getting through high school without ever getting a boyfriend – 12th & 13th February 1999

Friday 12th Okay, now I really am worried. I’ve left my Food Tech coursework unfinished in the Home Ec room and it’s half term now. It’s got to be handed in on the first day back. It’s my actual GCSE stuff and is worth 60% of my final mark in Food. Mum said she’ll take me to school tomorrow to see if there are any cleaners there to let me in. If they’re not there, we’ll try again on Monday. The other danger is that my teacher might have taken the box with my coursework in, thinking that it’s already finished.

If it’s not there, Mum said she’ll try and get in contact with Mrs K. If the worst comes to the worst and there’s no way I can get it back this holiday, Hayley said I can borrow her sheets to help me do the parts I haven’t done. The other major worry is that it’s gone missing completely. I don’t know what I’d do then.

Adam (ARC33) has got a girlfriend. I sent him a Valentine’s card yesterday too. I didn’t get any. [Yet…] Ewan got one but I dunno who from. Well, it looks like I’m going to be getting through high school without ever getting a boyfriend.

I was with Emma at last break and she stopped to talk to Ewan and Adrian Ford. All 3 of them ignored me completely and they were talking about someone Emma kept asking Ewan if he liked her (whoever it was) and Adrian said he liked her hair for the photo on Wednesday. It was possible Olivia coz I thought someone mentioned the name. So, is that summit else (involving Ewan this time) that I’ve not been included in? I hope not but Emma wouldn’t tell me what she was talking about afterwards.


Saturday 13th My sister just found this on the doorstep. →

It’s a good job Abby found it and not one of my parents or he’d [Paul Nutt] be one dead freak! I know it’s from him coz perfectdrug is his e-mail address thing. Weirdo!

Oh shit, that means he definitely knows where I live.

Oh my God, he must’ve been outside the front door while I was in the house. Urgh!!!

Why couldn’t it have been from Ewan or Ferny, hey?

I saw Riley Howarth today. He was running across a road near school. He’s still gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, my mum was telling me that Callum Webber (babe!) had to do his mock exams on his own coz he was ill when everyone else did them.

It’s exactly a year since I went skiing. I can’t believe it was that long ago. I’ve liked Ferny for that long. Actually longer.

Bolton won 2-1 today as well so Dad’s pleased.

Adam got his card. He sent me an e-mail saying thanks. I hope he wasn’t as freaked out as I was when I got mine!


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