“Ewan likes you” – 2nd February 1999

Tuesday 2nd Well, it’s been, let’s say… an interesting day.

Out of my little group of sort-of-friends there were only 5 of us in school coz everyone else was on the Geography field trip today. There was me, Olivia, Lindsey Bullman, Rach and Jade Hanock. Rach was being really moody with me this morning but at lunch when I asked her a question she actually have me a full answer using more than one sentence. She looked at me when she said it and her tone of voice was actually quite friendly.

I didn’t really see much of her after that so I dunno if it was just a one off or if she forgot she was in a mood with me. It could’ve been to do with the fact I asked her to come and sit with me and Lizzie in Science when she was on her bill. It could’ve been that except she did storm off out of the classroom when the bell went.

Olivia was being really talkative as well and Lindsey and Jade weren’t too bad either. It was probably just coz there was a shortage of people to talk to. We’ll see I s’pose when it gets back to normal.

Cat told me today that Ken Dronfield (mate of Paul N’s) is planning on asking Lizzie to the prom. Poor girl! Mind you, I’d best watch myself with Paul coz, according to Abby, he’s told Jacqueline that he still really likes me.

Emma had quite a bit to tell me when she got back from the trip and we were in Swing Band. She said that Suzanna had told Az Hart about Emma offering people money to go with Freddie and, of course, it got back to him. She denied it and then he asked her to the prom. She said she’d think about it.

Just before Swing Band started, I was walking back from the canteen and Ewan smiled at me and said good afternoon or summit. I thought it was weird coz he’s ignored me and vice versa for ages now. Then when I got back in C Block, Abby was stood there with Evie and said, “Emma just disappeared round that corner with Ewan.”

I was just about to ask for more info when Emma came round the corner and said, “Ewan likes you”. I thought she was winding me up or she’d misheard someone else’s conversation. Then she told me that he’d just dragged her off round a corner and asked her if I still liked him. She said she didn’t know coz I hadn’t talked about him for ages.

He said summit like, “There are such things a phones, you know.” When she asked what he meant, he told her to get me to ring him tonight. She told him that I wouldn’t do it and said, “Why don’t you phone her?” He said, “Coz I’m shy” and she told him that so was I.

He then said (this is all according to Emma, remember), “Why do I always like shy girls?” I assume by that he also means Alice Croft. That is such bad timing (as usual) if he really does like me coz I’ve pretty much gone off him now. The reason he said it (if he did) could also be because he liked me liking him so he’d just trying to keep me interested. I’m not sure what to make of it actually.

I’ve got my Geography field trip tomorrow. Ewan’s included in that. I’m dreading it. I’ve not got any of the sheets we were meant to have coz I wasn’t in last lesson and Rachael’s probably still going to be moody and Lizzie’s probably not going to be in school so I’ll be stuck with the sad people like Karen Brent. Never mind, at least I get to miss Wednesday.


P.S. Paul (okay, I’ll call him Nutter again) just phoned me. Dad answered and said (normally) that it was for me so I thought it was Hayley or someone. It wasn’t. It was him. He started asking me about Monday and as soon as I could I handed him over to Abby but she eventually gave me the phone back.

I started nattering on about the Geography field trip to try and sound boring but then he said, “Are you doing anything on Saturday?” I panicked coz I knew what was coming next. He said he asked coz he was going to the cinema and wanted me to go. I sort of got rid of him as fast as I could by making up some excuse and I hung up. Only afterwards I realised I hadn’t actually said that I didn’t want to go. I hope he’s got the message and leaves me alone. He can’t be that dense, can he? Yeah, probably knowing my luck!

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