I’m pissed off with them all – 31st January 1999

Sunday 31st Okay, an update on what’s been happening over the last few days with my friends.

Hayley wasn’t in school coz she was ill too. Emma was being pretty alright again. I think she was feeling a bit guilty about what she’d said but I’m not too sure. I still kept my distance as much as I could.

Hayley was back and my so-called friends went back to being what’s become normal with us. We’ve noticed that they’re worse with us when they’re all together and after lunch when they’ve just been in a big group. They were still not doing anything which would look obvious to anyone outside the group but it’s bloody obvious to me and Hayley.

So, we went to the Sports Club and made ourselves feel better by having a good moan about them all. Those girls from the other high school where there too we talked to them quite a bit.

Whilst Hayley and I were babysitting her nieces, Ed’s sister was having her 18th birthday party which both Alice Croft and Ewan were at. I hope nowt happened even though I don’t particularly like him anymore.

But the main thing last night that we were missing out on was Lindsey Bullman’s sleepover. Again, Hayley and I weren’t invited but everyone else (including that bitch Emma) was. I can’t say I’m too pleased about that, however I’m pissed off with them all.

Well, so far today I’ve been stuck at home. I’m not exactly having fun at the moment.


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