She’s pretty hard and doesn’t care what everyone else thinks – 15th & 23rd January 1999

Friday 15th P. [Period]

This business with who I thought were my friends seems to be getting worse. Freda told me something this morning which really upset me although I’m actually glad she told me. She said she’d been talking to Lena about her sleepover and she asked why she hadn’t just told me and Emma straight why we couldn’t go because of the numbers. Lena then told her the other reason as to why it was awkward which was that, even though she likes Emma, she doesn’t particularly like me and she really doesn’t like Hayley.

I don’t know why she doesn’t like me. I’ve never fallen out with her or done anything to her that I know of. The reason with Hayley is coz Hayley is always causing trouble but I don’t really. I just don’t understand.

I’m also worried about Jade Hancock now coz she’s pretty hard and doesn’t care what everyone else thinks if she yells at someone in public. Freda said she overheard summit like, “If Tess has told her, I’ll sort her out. I’ll have a right go at her.” If that’s what she said then she’ll mean if I told Hayley about the sleepover. And I have. It was so unfair coz if she’d have found out on Monday she’d have thought I wasn’t her mate either. I am though.

I just couldn’t face going to the Sports Club with her tonight coz she’d just moan on about all this as if everyone’s against her, totally forgetting it’s me they don’t like either. She’d just depress me even more.

It’s annoying to think that all my friends except Hayley are all together at a sleepover or out clubbing it whilst I’m stuck here writing this. Gee, what an exciting life I lead!


Saturday 23rd The thing with my friends seems to have sorted itself out. Paul Nutt still likes me and Wednesday wasn’t too bad.

I went to Emma’s house tonight. I’ve now met her latest boyfriend, Gavin Bilson, who she’s going to dump tomorrow and GeordieChris was there too along with Suzanna, Az Hart, Ned Arncliffe, Fraser Cooper and Ed. It was really boring actually.


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